Money, for sure grows under trees!

Many say ‘money does not grow under trees’ and I say ‘Money, for sure grows under trees!’
The other day ,i got guided to go touch a tree while walking through a park while needing to have small change.After connecting with the tree and do a few minutes meditation, i look down on the grass and there it was a shiny 2€ coin.
Another time later while meditating on abundance with my back on a tree, getting online and surprise surprise reading my emails ,i got a donation on my website plus surprise gifted money from family in my bank account which confirmed for a second time that my belief creates my reality and the more i say it and practice my connection with the Trees family, they show me that the formula works.
And of course, there are about at least 20 times only last year i collected small pennies from the street which i translate as a way from the Angels to confirm that I Am indeed doing my vibrational work to hold my frequency high in best of my abilities.
And so ,if one day, you find yourself needing some extra cash i invite you to connect and genuinely speak to a tree and feel your connection with it and receive in gratitude whatever it needs to be received by you.Then let the miracle happen.
Trees give us oxygen, trees allow us to connect with higher energies, trees help us to ground ourselves and trees are helping us to find solutions among so many other things.