Millions of people were under the impression that many illnesses had no real cures, but only deadly symptom drugs that killed one million each year or left you worst than you were. But the attached files tell you the truth about the death of many millions that could have been saved if only the people were told the truth. Please read.

Received by email.

If you are in search of the truth and what has occurred in this last century, i invite you to arm yourself with a lot of courage and read the following, this as proof of where we come from as humanity, it is not beautiful and it does not have to be something you focus your attention right now.I also invite you to be an observer of all this,knowing that very soon we are going to have the help of advanced space technologies that are able to heal within minutes.This technology exists already, therefor if you are alive right now and reading this be thankful to be a witness and make sure to eat enough organic vegetables and fruits, drink purified alkaline water (1/3 spoon bicarbonate of sodium, half lemon and water) and as many possible organic fruit juices, they contain distilled water that helps you decalcificate(if you don’t have money to buy organic fruits, drink your urine till you can do so.) and meditate, go within at least 3 times a day as love and light is doing the healing work much faster than any theory coming out there of what is needed in the body or not.We are electromagnetic beings, we are vibration and when allowing love and light to do the work for us, it balances everything within.Now if you don’t believe this,then i wish enough courage to read what follows.

Blessings in Love and Light and Joy,



Crimes against humanity!
Re: Proof of Claims:

Proof of Claims links:


It took the FDA many years from 1933 when the Germans first discovered
it to 1953, to allow scientists and/or doctors to do research to learn how to
use EDTA to remove Lead and the other heavy metal poisons from the
people. But the FDA still has not officially stated that EDTA is the cure
for high blood pressure and many other illnesses.
They will not completely expose this GOD given EDTA cure, unless you
help me tell others how to save their own lives.

“the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA suggests EDTA chelation as the ideal
method of treating not only lead poisoning but also as the emergency treatment for



“Each year nearly 380,000 Americans die from CHD. In CHD the coronary arteries, the vessels
that provide oxygen-rich blood to the tissues of the heart, become blocked by deposits of a
waxy substance called plaque. As plaque builds, the arteries become narrower and less oxygen
and nutrients are transported to the heart. CHD can lead to serious problems, such as angina
(pain caused by not enough oxygen-carrying blood reaching the heart) and heart attack. A
heart attack occurs if the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle is cut off. If
blood flow is not restored quickly, the affected section of heart muscle begins to die. Without
quick treatment, a heart attack can lead to serious health problems or death.”
Today there is no longer any dispute that the FDA took many years to accept
Chelation therapy for the people.

NOTICE – This is a factual story of the true causes of 100 illnesses
hidden by the FDA and the Socialists in the USA Inc. Government to kill
millions of people, no matter their age, sex, gender or political party.
The history of EDTA (Calcium DiSodium) goes back since about 1933.
The Germans found out that Edta removes all the LEAD from the body,
blood, organs, brain etc. of their mine and ship building workers.
They also found out that other heavy metal poisons were also removed and
that other chemical toxins are eliminated at the same time and greatly
improved the health and wellbeing of all workers.
The bad guys (socialists) in our own government found out that heavy
metal poisons were just the right things to further their depopulation


So gradually each time we eat, we find: Mercury in fish, Lead in bone
broth, Cadmium and/or lead in all cigarettes, cigars and e-cigarettes;
Arsenic and/or cyanide in white and brown rice and in wines and in hard
liqueurs and in all USA chickens, Cadmium and/or lead in USA
chocolates and in the candies that our children eat and also in prescription
drugs, mercury and aluminum in the antibiotics and vaccines that are
supposed to save us (!!!) And in our non-food based vitamins, and in our
BABY vaccines, baby foods, pet foods, etc.
The cover-up by the feds is failing as more people discover the
depopulation agenda of the FEDS.
If the FDA were good people they would have told the World the REAL
cures for all these illnesses. But millions have died!
Today everyone has heavy metal poisons – do you doubt it? If you eat
white table salt then you are poisoned:
White table salt comes with: E535 Sodium FERROCYANIDE and/or
E536 Potassium FERROCYANIDE and/or E538 CALCIUM
FERROCYANIDE and/or E553b Talcum powder and/or E554 Sodium
and/or E556 Calcium ALUMINOSILICATE and/or E559 ALUMINIUM

The list of foods, products and vaccines where we find these deadly heavy
metal poisons and toxic chemicals are growing longer each year.
But the path of how they kill/ed us is not well known by the general


To start the calcification process the body has to have a blockage of
calcium from where it should go to where it should not go.
Most people and many medical professionals have no idea that the body’s
chemistry and each and every nutrients must be in balance or the body will
suffer many illnesses or even death.
The moment that heavy metal poisons, arsenic and cyanide were placed
back into our bodies, by means of poisoning our water, foods, plants and
food animals, that is the exact moment of the start of “murder by

Proof of Claim #1.
Choose the “Calcium Wheel” section to find the ANTAGONISTS of
Here is the proof of claim that if you have too much of ANY nutrient or
ANY heavy metal poison, it acts as an antagonist to the natural Vit. C that
your body needs to repair and prevent calcification of your entire body.

Look at these nutrients Vitamin A and C and the simple common mineral
magnesium, they can act in two ways, if in balance they will help the
calcium go into the bones, and jaw.
But when [Vitamins: A, C, B1, B3, B6, E.
Minerals: Fe, K, Mg, Na, P, Zn Metals: Pb ] — are too much, bad things
happen to our lives. They become antagonists to your calcium and will
destroy your health and/or cause your death.


Here is another six clues for you to learn, (1) all the heavy metal poisons
eliminate and/or block Vitamin C in repairing the cells in your veins, and
transfer it from your bones, jaw and teeth to your circulatory system in
such a manner that causes blockages.
(2) All the plagues in the world do the same to natural Vitamin C.
(3) In real life, the real vitamin C from food nutrients kills the microscopic
blood parasites in our blood. Artificial Vit. C allows all parasites to harm
And (4) without natural Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps rebuild the
tissue collagen and maintains the integrity of connective tissue –
cartilage, veins, arteries, capillaries, bones and teeth.
(5)Without real and natural Vitamin C: blockage is formed in your
veins and you get calcification in all areas of your body.
(6) EDTA is the only thing that will at the same time, remove all heavy
metal poisons, especially Lead, and protects your damaged cells and helps
rebuild the tissue collagen and maintains the integrity of connective tissue
– cartilage, veins, arteries, capillaries, bones and teeth.
So now we know that the bad guys had to stop us from getting good
natural nutrients, which is why real 100 percent food based nutrients are
banned by the FDA from being sold in all vitamin shops.
The public are limited from getting the only nutrients that will save us. We
must buy them at Amazon if a person even knows which ones are real
food-based and are prohibited from buying them directly from the makers
of the real thing. The FDA will sue and stop any natural nutrient company
if they dare claim that it cures any illness. The feds even kill the


knowledge to our salvation.
So, here we have deficiency of the very nutrients that we need to be in
balance and prevent decalcification.
Plaques start forming in the veins first and here we have high blood
pressure, then the plaques travel closer to the heart and kill us by heart
The plaques start forming in the organs, from then on we get prostate
problems, then to the eyes to give us cataracts and glaucoma and total
When you continue to take EDTA, the calcification that enlarged your
prostate gland and caused the pressure and forced you to urinate a hundred
times a day, is lessened and slowly your trips to the bathroom is less as
more of the unwanted calcium is removed from the prostate.
Here again the story is the same, the more you continue therapy with
EDTA, the more of the calcification within the eyes is removed and the
glaucoma pressure goes down. If you start early taking Edta you will not
get glaucoma later on in life.
The same goes for cataracts. Calcification of your eyes causes millions of
people going blind each year. But knowing the true causes of these many
illnesses is the road to salvation and/or prevention for you and for your
loved ones.
As more plaques form in other organs, each of those organs fails due to
decreased blood flow and decreased nutrient absorption and contamination
of the heavy metals that in themselves causes trauma and then we get
many other illnesses.


As your unwanted or displaced calcium travels to your liver, kidneys and
gallbladder, you will get calcium stones that can totally block these organs
and cause extreme pain or even death.
This is a list of illnesses that Edta detoxification program can help,
depending on the severity of your problem and the amount of healing
sessions you will need.
The memory that can be regained by a total de-calcification of all your
body can clean up the calcification in your brain.
Alzheimer’s or Progressive dementia is explained by doctors this way:
“That as your acetylcholine levels drop, your brain gets inflamed, resulting
in formations called amyloid plaques. This causes loss of brain cells,
especially those that make new memories and retrieve old ones. And
slowly but surely you develop full-fledged cognitive impairment.”
But the truth is that the same calcium plaque formations in other areas of
your body have finally traveled to your brain.
NOTE: When the calcification in the cells of the brain are great, it could
cause brain cancer before loss of memory.
Erectile Dysfunction, Glaucoma, Cataracts and total blindness, high blood
pressure, Alzheimer’s, liver, kidney and gallbladder stones, heart attacks,
irregular heartbeats, and clogged veins, LOW IQ, MENTAL
Buerger’s disease, bursitis, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, coronary
atherosclerosis, dementia, diabetes, gangrene, heavy metal poisoning,
impotence, kidney disease, lead toxicity, macular degeneration; multiple
sclerosis, osteoarthritis, jaw bone loss, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s


syndrome, Peyronie’s disease, cancer, psoriasis, Raynaud’s disease, renal
insufficiency, rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, scleroderma, senility,
strokes, tachycardia, tinnitus, thrombophlebitis, lost of vitality,
POISONED BLOOD and many more.
Wherever you get calcification in or near any organ or body part, and have
heavy metal poisons there, that will stop nutrients and blood flow there.
Vitamins: A, C, D, K
Minerals: Mg
Antagonist Vitamins: A, C, B1, B3, B6, E
Antagonist Minerals: Fe, K, Mg, Na, P, Zn Metals: Pb (Lead)
Proof of claims:

The knowledge of self-healing by Patriots is far superior now because of
people like me.
The one thing that will make your own self-healing program that much
easier is to take and learn how to read a hair analysis test.
NO one can improve another, if they don’t know that all nutrients have


what is called” AN ANTAGONIST” or “ENEMY” to your health.
That means that if another healing center such as: Contact Reflex Analysis
(aka C.R.A.) professional tests you to sell you more nutrients, they will
never know if you are too high or too low on a nutrient/s, and they
WON”T know how to solve the problem of making the particular nutrient
go low or go high in order to get in the right balance as the body wants to
be in.
The CRA course takes less than 200 hundred hours to get a degree; the
most advance course takes no more than 400 hours.
These CRA degree holders have NO knowledge of healing. The CRA test
is ONLY designed to test you for what they say your body calls for. Then
they sell you a nutrient without knowing if they are causing a nutrient
antagonist dilemma that most likely cause a worst calcification and could
cause your death.
A clinical nutrition’s license to prescribe a nutrient or diet has the same limitations
as CRA degree holder.

[For more info on CRA – read part two – high treason]

Here again in the world of nutrition, we must learn about proper diet
programs that can help put the food’s nutrients back in balance back to


where it should be.
Only a hair analysis test can guide you in knowing what to do.
Read section called calcium wheel.
For example: If you have too high a level of any of the antagonists of
calcium, you will know which foods to avoid or which diet to do.
Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a great detoxification diet program.

When a patriot does an EDTA detoxification program, the first things
he/she will feel is a gradual increase in blood flow to all parts of his/her
body. That is automatic as removing the heavy metal poisons will also
remove the calcifications within his/her veins, arteries and capillaries in all
Then after that, when he/she goes on to diet with nutritional programs;
start him/her on food based nutrients that most people have never taken,
because of being banned by the FDA, except online by only some
companies. HERE is where the Energy comes back into a person’s life
again like never before – see below.
The sad fact is that nearly all people have no idea that they have
calcification or even know what it is, and for sure they can’t tell if they
have heavy metal poisons in them. That is why you should get a hair
analysis done a.s.a.p.

Your hair analysis test will give all the data to bring you to back better
than you were before. FACT: some new born infants come into life
extremely toxic because of their mothers. Even now no matter your age,
you will become a pure person again. I call that having or being a “PURE
The depopulation agenda to kill all of us will never stop, unless you try to
save your own lives. The murder of our children must stop.

Organic heavy metal poisons are extremely rare to find in nature (only
found in mines deep underground), but deadly INORGANIC heavy metal
poisons are NOW found in too many of our foods, water, in the meat of
food animals, and hundreds of products approved by the FDA.
FACT – each person will have different tolerances to each heavy metal
poison. A tiny bit can cause the death or illness of a child, or even a large
Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning
• Alcohol intolerance
• Allergies (environmental and food sensitivities)
• Anxious and irritable
• Brain fog
• Cannot lose weight
• Chronic unexplained pain
• Coated tongue
• Cold hands and feet
• Dark circles under the eyes


• Depression – or other emotional problems
• Prone to mood swings
• Digestive problems
• Extreme fatigue
• Frequent colds and flues
• Headaches
• High levels of toxic metals in your blood, urine or tissues
• Insomnia
• Intolerance to medications & vitamins
• Loss of memory and forgetfulness
• Low body temperature
• Metallic taste in mouth
• Muscle and joint pain
• Muscle tics or twitches
• Muscle tremors
• Night sweats
• Parasites
• Prone to rashes
• Sensitive teeth
• Sensitive to smells like tobacco smoke, perfumes, paint fumes and
chemical odors
• Skin problems
• Small black spots on your gums
• Sore or receding gums lines and loss of teeth
• Tingling in the extremities
• Unsteady gait
• Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Commonly seen symptoms of mercury toxicity include:
Fatigue, headache, insomnia, nervousness, impaired judgment and
coordination, loss of libido, emotional instability, hypothyroidism, foggy
thinking, chronic fungal infection, candidiasis, autism, Alzheimer’s

disease, and speech disturbances.
Lead damages the kidneys, brain, blood (it enters the red blood cells),
muscles and bones.
Symptoms of Lead toxicity may include chronic kidney disease,
hypertension, encephalopathy, anemia, gout, sterility, abortion, fatigue,
irritability, ADD, hyperactivity, memory loss, decreased sensory and
motor reaction times, and abdominal pain.
Aluminum damages the brain and is linked to Alzheimer’s Disease. It
affects the muscles, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, reproductive organs,
stomach, thyroid, and bone.

Symptoms of aluminum toxicity include: Constipation, anorexia, gastro-
intestinal irritation, hyperactivity, speech disorders, dementia,

osteomalacia, excessive headaches, abnormal heart rhythm, numbness of
hands and feet, blurred vision, and impaired memory.
Aluminum disrupts calcium regulation in the body and also binds
phosphorus, and iron in the gastro-intestinal tract.
Cadmium toxicity causes skeletal demineralization, increasing the risk for
osteoporosis and fractures. Other symptoms of cadmium toxicity include;
Erectile Dysfunction, anemia, dry skin, hair loss, heart disease, joint pain
and kidney stones.
Cadmium is especially harmful because it increases the permeability of
cells, and allows for other heavy metals to leak into the cells. If at the
same time you have any amounts of aluminum, your calcification will be
Copper affects the liver, bone marrow, kidneys, spleen, heart, lungs,


stomach, intestines, hair, brain and eyes to cause blindness when the
calcification is in the eyes.
Symptoms of copper toxicity may include: Abdominal complaints,
metallic taste in mouth, schizophrenia, manic depression, learning
disabilities, anxiety, depression, hypochondria, poor memory, irritability,
fatigue, and demyelination of nerves.

Copper is often found in dietary supplements and non-food based multi-
vitamins/mineral. One with copper toxicity should never take more copper

from an outside source. Copper competes with zinc for absorption (KILLS
DESIRE, GIVES YOU E.D.), so often the treatment of choice is to
supplement zinc.
Please send this post to all your contacts right NOW.
The killers of your loved one must be stopped and/or sent to jail for high
treason and exposed to the world and voted out of power!

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illnesses to cause the death of millions.

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animals for more than 50 years.



Part three is the complete knowledge of how to defeat the killers of
millions of people.

In part four is the day the Vatican admitted defeat and exposed their
crimes to the world.



Re: Proof of Claims

[The Blood is the pathway to find all the cures of every illness in the
world. Everything you eat, drink, apply or spray on your skin goes to your
blood and from there, goes on to all organs, cells and bones in your

In the hearts of all Collectivists, they have one secret belief — they view
Satan as the Counterfeit of God. They use this secret belief to absolve
themselves of all their sins against the rest of humanity.
Revelation 13:16-18 English Standard Version (ESV)
” Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free
and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one
can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or
the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has
understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a
man, and his number is 666″


The mark of the beast 666, is that he shall have 3 minds in one body, that
he shall have the mind of a psychopath, Sociopath and the hive mind of a
God created man in certain ways: God created only six basic minds.
Mankind has been the same even back when they were cave men. Each
of these types was here back then and will be here a million years from
now. History of the world shows that each type was represented in the
cultures of each country

1 the normal mind, #2 the homosexual mind, #3, the psychotic mind, #4

the sociopathic mind, #5 the hive mind, aka the “collectivist” and #6 the
super human mind that can access his subconscious abilities.
This order is in the exact amount of each sub-race of humanity. The
collectivists are about only one percent of humanity.
Remember one thing – the body or a body part, or the race, sex, gender
or nationality, country of origin, or religion, is not the person – the MIND
is the person.
These Hive minds have hidden their secret identity from all humanity
because of their hidden fears of being discovered for what they really
are. A Hive mind is a sub-race of the human race; it is a combination of
the psychotic mind, and the sociopathic mind, with the paranoid fear that
has kept them hidden from us for more than two thousand years. Their
strength comes from their ability to want and need to be a part of a
family unit. The hive mind needs to belong or feels empty in life.


The hive mind thinks as ONE being – it is truly a COLLECTIVE OF THREE
Some call this the Triad of Evil, or the true son of Satan.
Today people call them LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES, because this is a
nice safe name to hide their crimes.
Remember this: Socialism and Communism are just the enslavement
methods preferred by the Collectivist, but the collectivist and his Hive
Mind is the sub-race PERSON.
What the general public and patriots have not yet accepted is that the
sub-human race of HIVE MINDS, have in fact secretly ruled this world for
about two thousand years or just before when the pyramids were built.
The symbolisms of monsters, aliens and devils, Satan on the buildings
and then the “all Seeing Eye” on our fiat dollar was put there by them
long ago. This is their way of warning you of YOUR coming death and
The collectivist view themselves as far removed from humanity that is
why they have put extraterrestrial Reptilian races as competing for
control over the inferior race of Mankind. They claim that by laying
official CLAIM to these buildings all over the world with their demon,
monster, Reptilian imagery and symbolism, and also satanic imagery and
symbolism, then that is their agreed methods to claim the world and to
do as they will.

The study of the 12 or 13 blood lines go back many years or should I say
that it should be hundreds of years to be more accurate.
But all these scientists, researchers, historians are as if they were just
children playing around studying a Viper or pulling the tail of the lion and
smelling its ass.
It is not about their blood lines, it is about their HIVE minds we should be
learning about.
Question – have you ever known what someone was thinking and had an
instant agreement with them so hard that you both realized how in tune
you were?
Put that thought in your mind and multiply it a hundred or a thousand
They know each other INSTANTLY as brothers and sisters. They feel the
Vibes of their minds, they feel, they sense each other instantly, they
know what the other knows. They cooperate with each willingly and also
agree with each other as if they were all born as twins.


They will lie under oath, cheat and steal, hide and destroy records, kill,
attack, injure any one that threatens their Hive Mind brothers and sisters.
I watch them and smile as I can see them for what they are. That is scary
for them, because they are NOT used to having non-collectivists SEE
That you see them and still DON’T see them is their power to hide from
you. They laugh in your face, because you are an individualist and they
hate you for that, just because you are NOT of their sub-race.
They infiltrate the Republican Party and we know them as RINOs, yet you
still don’t see them as the mass murderers that they really are.
They own many social media companies and control the thoughts and
minds of the stupid un-seeing masses. They laugh some more. They
swear that they are non-partisan and say that they have no animosity for
Christians, conservatives and patriots like me.

Their agenda to help, protect and save the psychotics and solo-
sociopaths in the news with their bleeding heart liberal attorneys is

planned long ago.
Without the other psychos and sociopaths the anti-gun agenda will not
fool you as much.
Blaming the OBJECT for the actions of their own psychos always make
them laugh, since you stupid masses fall for their anti-gun (anti-object)
crap all the time.
They want you defenseless and helpless and you hurt them deeply when


you stand up to their depopulation agenda. They want you dead!
Yet they have killed us for two thousand years, and yet YOU still can NOT
see them!!!
They have laughed at all others of the five sub-races and still want to kill
our infants, children, parents and every other human being alive.
They know they will survive a THIRD WORLD WAR, because they are the
CONNECTED ONES THAT have made their plans to survive after you and I
are long dead.
By connected ones, I mean that they started groups like the
Here again they laugh at you because many of the members of the secret
societies they have long created are NOT collectivists at all, but will die to
protect the old boy’s club and its secrets.

The collectivists have committed SINS so enormous that no amount of
JUSTIFICATION can take away the evil that created it.
In $cientology they have a good explanation for the act of
“JUSTIFICATION”, but they have no idea that mass murder can never be
Also Scientologists have never applied justification to their FAIR GAME
POLICY, where they reward crimes against all that oppose their crimes of


rape, child abuse, slave wages, forced abortions, assault against women
and the elderly and disabled people that try to expose their own crimes
to the world as I have done.
“Fair Game” is a policy letter issued by L. Ron Hubbard in 1967 (ref: HCO
Policy Letter of 18 October 1967, Issue IV) called “Penalties for Lower
Conditions” which states that if someone is found to be an enemy of the
CoS, they should be handled like this:
“SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any
means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist.
May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”
They still do horrible things to all who oppose their false cult, yesterday,
today and into the future. REMEMBER $cientology is a corporation run by
collectivist members of the IRS. [See my PDF for the data]
Scientologists (except the ones that are real hive minds) also have no idea
of the way the HIVE mind works. They view all men as “GOOD”, even
though psychotics and sociopaths are never good little boys and girls.
Every true Hive Mind person does NOT believe in GOD – period!
The collectivists are worshipers of Satan. The collectivists do indeed have
no mercy for the other five classes of humans.
They have proven to be inhuman beings as proven by their depopulation


Satanic bloodline families and the regular Collectivists of the world – are
evil personified!

Their control of many governments of the world, has prevented the sub-
humans from hardly ever being arrested, and/or prosecuted for

Pedophilia, strangling newborn infants, child rape, murder and human
trafficking of women and every age of children from infants to young girls
and boys sold and used in sex trade or the thousands of kidnapped
children used for satanic ritual abuse, cannibalism, organ harvesting, is a
well known fact.
The Collectivists have used Pedophilia and human sacrifice of children of
all ages, and allowed politicians, celebrities etc., to rape, torture and
murder and even eat babies, just so they can compromise upcoming
political leaders in Satanic ceremonies to ensure their loyalty to a corrupt
system in Washington DC.
That is why Planned Parenthood means so much to them, because that is
where they get the baby parts for their luciferian ceremonies.

I have been watching all the times when we patriots have come close to
discovering real effective self-healing methods and soon after, YouTube
immediately eliminates the data posted. They know that we know that
they are a sub-race and because of that, they are more afraid of us
surviving their depopulation agenda and eliminating them.


What they really mean by racism is not what you think. You are NOT of
their race. They do not even like the blacks, Latinos or the homosexuals,
they used them to stay in power only.
That is why race is always an issue with them.

The sixth child of God
Here is the “Proof of Claim” to dispute denial that super humans do not
exist. YouTube has neglected to destroy the evidence when super
humans are posted on YouTube from other countries that do NOT have a
depopulation agenda.

All these kids are SUPER HUMANS!!!!

Remember the golden rule – if you can you do this or not determines
your genes.
These are only three to 10 years OLD. What are you? Are you more than
the ordinary average normal mind or are you the SIXTH class of humans
put here by God to take over the future of mankind from the hive minds?
How many ordinary humans out there can do what they can do???
If the number of normal minds age 3 to 10 years old, is in the hundreds,
or thousands, that can’t do these things, then these kids are NOT like
you, but more – these are super humans kids that have no idea of their
worth to mankind!!!
The HIVE MINDS fear and hate these kids more than they hate and fear
They know the future will not be theirs any longer; they see the writing
on the wall.
No matter how much or how well they hide in plain sight from the
normal minds and homosexual minds – they know that a grown up super
human can beat them in any game they play.
We are the ones that need to tell the world about what was hidden from
us, If not, you as a just a Normal average ordinary human being will lose
the ally that GOD sent us to change and improve the world.


The ordinary trait of a super human is physical more than mental. But as
you can see where they do not hide them, they have amazing minds with
great power.
He/she could fight off a mad street dog that wanted to bite off his/her
face at three years old.
He/she would never have any fears and will be able to defeat anyone
who dared oppose them, and will make the fools run away in FEAR.

There are many (thousands) examples of super humans on the internet.
But the socialists in the USA don’t usually delete the Mutants or super
humans when they are posted in other countries without a depopulation
Note: That these are kids are JUST three YEARS OLD or no more that 10
year old super humans – remember that.
All the other older examples of super humans are immediately deleted by
the socialists that own Google and YouTube. They FEAR that you will
discover that there is a Sixth sub-mind.

The socialists that own “YouTube” have removed most every post
concerning the fact that real SUPER HUMANS exist.


A super human is any person that has MORE: strengths, abilities,
intelligence, mental powers etc., than many thousands of NORMAL
persons. Such as a late friend of mine that could tear a Queens New York
Yellow page directory that was about three and a halve (3 1/2) inches
thick in two, with NO effort at all, and he was no more able to lift weights
than I was, when I was living in New York many years ago.
What YouTube will not remove is any video that is a fake, a lie, or
obviously a scam or a make believe film, that will discredit any super
human ability. YouTube is a collectivist ”Satanist” owned corporation,
where they try to influence the world by controlling and eliminating the
truth about many subjects and people that they oppose.
They also will NOT permit any video that will expose the fact that the
Collectivists and their hive minds are a sub-race of the human race and
the most sociopathic mass murderers in all human history.
The real hive mind collectivists (and the 12 or 13 old bloodlines) are not
that many in numbers in the world. They know that their days of glory
are near the end, because of the INTERNET and TV, and people like you
and me.
To COMPLETELY understand the kind of monster a collectivist really is,
just analyze his depopulation agenda to kill at least 90% of the world and
make slaves of the rest in the NEW WORLD ORDER.
Since he is a sub race of humanity, composed of three minds, his
psychotic mind is his impulsive and hateful desire to strike out and kill
immediately. You have seen this type many times: Example: “Son kills
mom because she changed the channel of his favorite show.”


This part is his impatient evil side that has already killed many people and
then is protected by bleeding heart Liberals.
His sociopathic mind is the no feeling and no empathy side for the lives
that his collectivists have killed to further their agenda. You will see this
when they free sociopathic gang members back on to our streets so that
they can kill you some more and/or when they lie and say that GMO
foods, heavy metal poisons, fluorides and vaccines are harmless. This is
his COLD soulless side.
The Hive mind is his subconscious mind that is the ENSLAVER mind that
instinctively knows how to cooperate with his kind, to rule the world or
what is left of it after they wipe out all the Normal minds, and all the
people with Homosexual minds of all types (LGBTQQIA), and the super
human minds.
FACT – the hive minds only use the homosexuals and minorities and
illegal aliens, psychos and sociopaths in the news, to obtain the votes to
stay in power. They know that we know who and what they really are.
Remember that they have killed millions of them already – review part
one and part two for the proof.
They really have a hard time keeping their fear and hatred for the rest of
humanity a secret. You can see their rage and hatred in the news more
and more each year.
They depend on YOU people being blind to them until 90% of us and
millions of our animal friends are gone, so that the collectivists hive
minds can be at peace.


But their control over this world is coming to an end. We are going to go
back on the Gold standard and leave the fiat currencies of the world that
ensured their power.
Here is another fact — 90 to 95 percent of all types of crimes are
committed by people that would ONLY vote for the Democrats! These are
the kinds that would not vote for any conservative person even if their
lives depended on it.

Here is another fact – They view the black Americans as the most
expendable useless eaters. 18 million aborted babies make very tasty
chocolate satanic ceremony treats. In every city that blacks are the
majority, death is welcomed by the hive minds.

That is why these monsters want to give ALL criminals the right to vote
immediately after their sentence is over. And don’t forget the illegal
aliens will have un-limited rights to everything forever.
The “Bleeding Heart Liberal” knows that all criminals from murderers to
rapists, if allowed to vote would ONLY vote for the Democratic Party.
That is why they are defending, hiding, and giving the violent criminals,
terrorists, sociopaths, psychotics, Satanists, violent gang members,
Psycho Wahhabist head choppers and illegal ALIENS the right to vote, and
gives them drivers’ licenses, free college educations and many other
rights and benefits denied to lawful real Americans.
It is really a crime against God to vote for the “LEFT” because they see the
criminals as a means to further their depopulation agenda. To the
Liberals, each person killed furthers their sub-human hive mind agenda.
And each innocent woman and child traumatized by a rapist is also good


for their socialist killing medical profession where only the symptoms are

In many states naturopathic or alternative medicine is banned, such as
here is Florida. Treating the TRUE cause of any illness is contra indicated.
They want to treat the symptoms of an illness and kill one million people
each year. Symptom drug doctors are helping the depopulation agenda
kill and disable, hurt and harm more and more each year.



The socialists in this country will not want you to know why they need
our guns to be banned and taken from us for our self-defense.
“The Use of Firearms to Defend Against Criminals” and “National Crime
Victimization Survey (NCVS)” — is the two secrets that will not be

reported to you.

Data from 1992 and 1994 of the National Crime Victimization Survey
(NCVS), found roughly 116,000 defensive gun uses per year, and Kleck
and Gertz (1995), using data from the 1993 National Self-Defense Survey
(NSDS), found around 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year.
The NCVS is an ongoing annual survey conducted by the federal
government (i.e., the Census Bureau on behalf of the Department of


Justice) that has found that innocent victims of rape, assault, burglary,
personal and household larceny, or car theft have used a gun to defend


Another study or survey work done in 1993 by Florida State University
criminologists Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz concluded, and also the federal
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1994, has found and
confirmed that at the very least that from 2.2 to 2.5 million DGUs

happened in the U.S. every year.

The MSM, the CDC, all leftwing corporations and groups, and the federal
government will only report when any person whether criminal or not,
uses a gun that causes a death to blame the Gun (object of evil) as the

source of all crimes

The socialists will hate for you to learn that at least 46.3% of women and
also another 10% to 15% percent of the elderly and disabled Americans

have also defended themselves from criminals.

But, the fact is the 2.5 million people are the ones that have reported
saving their own lives and property from criminals. The real numbers are
about 5 to 10 millions of innocent people that have defended


The socialist depopulation agenda wants these millions of innocent
people to be totally defenseless and DEAD. Remember that they will
always blame the object as the source of all evil, even though we know

where evil really comes from.


Another thing that you will learn about the kind of people that would
vote for the Democrats (socialists), is that their ability to see, hear, feel,
think, and smell and even to sense things is less than conservatives.
Because a person has eyes, ears, nose, skin, and a brain, and can feel with
his hands, there is no way to know if he/she actually can properly use

their five senses.

The “left”, aka democrats, liberals, progressive, etc., DO NOT think, sense,
feel, smell, hear, and see anything as the “Right”, aka conservatives, and

Patriots do.

When the agenda towards LIFE is evil and opposed to GOD, and is
willingly favoring the NEW WORLD ORDER, and Satan, and the slavery
and the killing of the masses, they are as foreign to the “Right” as if they
were from another race and/or sub-race, which some of them are.
When a person of the “left” has an accident, he/she will ALWAYS blame
the others for his own negligence 100 percent of the times. He will NOT

take responsibility for his contributory negligence.

The sad fact that ALL attorneys have a (membership) BAR card sworn
under oath to the British Crown and that most of them are of the “LEFT”,
leads us to believe that their loyalty to our country, and to God and the
conservative way of life and family values is opposed by them.


  1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public


  1. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.


  1. Abolition of all right of inheritance.
  2. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  3. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank

with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

  1. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the


  1. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the
    bringing into cultivation of Waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally

in accordance with a common plan.

  1. Equal liability of all to labor. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for


  1. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of
    the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the

population over the country.

  1. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory
    labor in its present form and combination of education with industrial.

Their most recent plan to control the world:
Abolish all ordered governments.
Abolish private property
Abolish patriotism [By killing all patriots]

Abolish the family [By killing us with GMOs, Fluorides and vaccines to kill the



Abolish religion [By killing the belief in God and making Satanism and/or

Scientology the world religion]]

A global population of 500 million [that means 90% of blacks, Latinos, Muslims,

gays, LIBERAL sympathizers and even Jews MUST DIE]

Creation of a world government [By placing ONLY leaders that are real collectivist

in charge]



The most evil thing that the socialists love to do is to kill and disable our
children with poisonous vaccines that can also cause Autism Spectrum
Disorder (ASD) and lie to your face that vaccines are safe.

Aluminum is present in all U.S. childhood and adult vaccines and both can
suffer brain dysfunction, bone abnormalities or anemia because of the
high quantities of aluminum that have accumulated in their bodies.
Infants who are fed GMO soy formula ingest almost 117 milligrams of

aluminum during the first six months of life

Aluminum is a heavy metal poison and neurotoxin; and plays a significant
role in neurological diseases, including dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s

disease and can cause Alzheimer’s disease.


Aluminum is NOT essential for life and promotes cellular death in many
organs, and ends up bioaccumulating in various organs, including your
brain, kidneys, and bones and is widely recognized as a neurotoxin that
inhibits more than 200 biologically important functions and causes
various adverse effects in plants, animals and humans.”
Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum, Acetaminophen, and

Glyphosate Exposure:

The Children that are also exposed to Aluminum, mercury,
Acetaminophen, and Glyphosate, will suffer with Cellulites, seizures,
depression, fatigue, pain, autism, MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella and


Aluminum, while severely toxic by itself, also forms “toxic complexes”
with other hazardous elements, including fluorine, and the hazards are
compounded when it interacts with mercury, Glutamate, lead, and
Glyphosate. (This is especially true in the murder by calcification where

these poisons build up in their killing power)

“Glutamate is toxic to autistic kids, because they don’t have enough
manganese,” when glutamate is injected in through the vaccine, it goes
to the brain, because of the influence of glyphosate. Glyphosate actually
opens up the barriers—the gut barrier and the brain barrier—to allow all
toxins to get in… The two are working synergistically… The glyphosate is
depleting the manganese, which is causing the glutamate to be toxic, and
the glyphosate is causing the glutamate to go into the brain…”
There is also synergistic harm going on between glyphosate and
aluminum. Glyphosate chelates aluminum, effectively “hiding” the
aluminum molecule inside the glyphosate molecule. When “caged”


within glyphosate in this way, the aluminum gets even easier access to
sensitive areas because; glyphosate opens up your gut- and brain
barriers. Aluminum also piggybacks on your iron transport system, so it
has many “helpers” allowing it to get around unimpeded. Glyphosate also
brings aluminum into your pineal gland, which accounts for sleep

disorders and dementia.

Warning! “There are no safe blood-level values for any of the heavy
metal poisons during pregnancy”, because the “the placenta is incapable
of protecting a human fetus with regards to neurotoxicants or most other
heavy metals.” The practice of including known neurotoxins among
vaccine ingredients “has to be considered dangerous, irresponsible, and
certainly should be ended.” “Children are 27 times as likely to develop
autism after exposure to all thimerisol-containing vaccines than those

who receive thimerisol-free versions” .

More information About Arsenic.

Arsenic is a slow death heavy metal mineral. Its symptoms are vague, and
it was used to kill people because it is colorless and tasteless, so now it is

intentionally added to our foods to slowly killed people.

Today, because of the FDA, it is legally added to chicken, turkey, duck,
goose, or pheasant feed, by the socialist controlled corrupt US Food And
Drug Administration (the FDA) and the corrupt US Department of

Agriculture (USDA).

Arsenic is now found in any fowl eggs, and the poisonous Glyphosate is
also mixed in all GMO feeds (Corn, Corn Starch, Soy Beans, Soy Protein


etc.), given to chickens, turkeys, ducks, goose, or pheasant; pigs; cows,
and all other food animals and in most US drinking water.
The pet birds that we love are also targeted for a slow death, because

GMO ingredients are in most bird foods.

Arsenic is used in pesticides and, as a result, may be found in commercial

wines, beers, fruits, vegetables, rice and other foods.

Type of poison:

  1. Arsenic is a powerful nerve and enzyme poison.
  2. It affects the adrenal glands.
  3. Arsenic complexes with and thus interferes specifically with oxygen,
    nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. These minerals have to do with
    proteins, energy production and detoxification in the body, among other


  1. It is an iodine antagonist.

these include iodine, selenium, and vitamin C. (calcification)
Too much Arsenic will remove or replace iodine, selenium, and vitamin C
in the body and this is another way it poisons the body. By removing
Iodine, fluorides will accumulate in the brain and pineal gland, and will
cause a deficiency of selenium and Vitamin C. When Vitamin C, is gone

your veins will not heal and calcification will get worst’


More information About Fluoride:

Fluoride is deadly cancer mineral. It is highly toxic and is immediately
deadly to all small animals, and is the major ingredient in rat poison. It is
the main waste product of aluminum manufacturing, and will bind with
aluminum and cause brain cancer and total calcification of the pineal




MSG is a dangerous excitotoxin, which means it overexcites your cells to
the point of damage or death. Adverse effects include: Obesity, eye
damage (excessive eye pressure), headaches, fatigue and disorientation,
depression, rapid heartbeat, cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats),
heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s
disease, Huntington’s chorea, Chest pain or difficulty breathing; tingling
and numbness, brain damage of varying degrees, and potentially even
triggering or worsening learning disabilities, especially when most
vaccines also have aluminum, fluoride, mercury, and formaldehyde.
Chemically speaking, MSG is approximately 78 percent free glutamic acid,
21 percent sodium (with aluminum silicate), and up to 1 percent
contaminants (small amounts of the culture material used to grow the

virus or bacteria).

The world of Lie Detector Technology has changed and improved so
much, that fate has given us a way to bring back justice to all decent


We now have a weapon against the psychopaths, socialists and the

collectivists in all walks of life.

We can expose them, fire them, refuse to hire them, get them fired and

sent to jail because of what and who they are.

But we must form together as brothers and sisters and unite to make
sure that the Beast 666 is removed from every job, group, company and

associate that we have anything to do with.

We can have admiralty “administrators” aka – judges, lawyers removed,
fired, and we can have them lose their licenses, because in the courts
they are permitting our rights to have us regain our bill of rights and our
freedoms returned to us because of the new technology in Lie Detection

called EyeDetect —

EyeDetect is result of 15 years of research at the University of Utah.
The key breakthrough was the discovery that when the human brain lies,

there’s a

PHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSE between the brain and the eyes.

This technology will soon be used to protect the innocent and expose the


Eventually, under common law, which will happen in our life time, If all of
us, unite we can take down admiralty courts, corrupt government depts.
companies and major corporations that are owned and/or controlled by

the Beast.

Failure to disassociate from Socialists, Communists and Collectivists can

be harmful and deadly.

We already have the proofs of their Sociopathic Depopulation Agenda,

and know that they are against all the laws God.

Freedom Of Association and The Freedom Of Non-Association and
freedom of assembly, is a protected individual right and a collective right,
guaranteed by all modern and democratic legal systems, including the
United States Bill of Rights, article 11 of the European Convention on
Human Rights, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and
international law, including articles 20 and 23 of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration on Fundamental Principles
and Rights at Work by the International Labour Organization.
Depriving citizens of their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of

choice is a crime against the person.

The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for
medical freedom as well as religious freedom. To restrict the art of
healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will

constitute the Bastille (jail) of medical science. All such laws are un-
American and despotic.

On the question of legality, the interpretation of laws pertaining to
informed consent, is evolving in the courts and it is now possible that a
physician who withholds information about the availability of other
treatment choices, such as EDTH chelation therapy, prior to performing
vascular surgery (along with all other treatment modalities) could be


found legally liable.

Withholding information about a different form of treatment may be
tantamount to medical malpractice, if as a result, a patient is deprived of
possible benefits. Thus, it is the doctors who refuse to recognize and
inform their patients of chelations who are risking legal liability. Not
those chelating physicians who provide an innovative treatment which
they feel to be the safest, the most effective and the least expensive for

many of their patients.

When you learn to survive and prosper, they will hate you and me,
because their fear of us is enormous and deadly. They want us to die in
“WORLD WAR THREE” and will succeed if you do not live long and








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