Message From My Higher Self – Jan.27th 2018.

All kind of events are unfolding to be observed within the 3D plane of existence and to be felt within the higher planes of existence at a quickening rate.Some are labelled as bad and some as good.And as most seen is labelled bad,you may believe that things are not changing for the better.Yet they do,if you only compare your lives only a few years earlier,you will notice the expansion of yourselves and your creations.What manifests around us is what we are:Creators of our own realities.we have witnessed it in countless opportunities.And when one accepts their multidimensional nature,as God Sparks experiencing a human life becoming aware of the infinite power of love and light within their being there is a a deep feeling of peace that is acknowledged from where every desire begins to show up in one’s reality in miraculous ways.

And let’s talk about money,a subject that all find interesting and are concerned about most of their days.It is exactly this concern that it is at the origin of the financial issues.Some will say that money doesn’t grow on trees,yet when one shifts their attention to pleasant things and constantly with their undivided attention focusing on feeling the joy of the reasons of what money will be used for while being thankful for all other forms of abundance in their lives such as abundance of peace,abundance of love,abundance of friends,abundance of well being,abundance of healthy foods,abundance of fulfilling experiences,abundance of nature,abundance of art,abundance of freedom,abundance of time,abundance of life stlyle etc this is enough to let one vibrate to a higher frequency where money and everything else that is necessary will be magnetized to bring about the desired outcome,serving self and the highest good for all.Serving self is as important as being in service to others and one feeling good at all times with their choices is serving the collective.Life is meant to be fun and we all came here to experience the expansion of our beings and so the choice to write down all the things that feel good with the intention to get into these feelings is a step that can bring one to higher levels of existence to be witnessed by all and when one is witnessed as such,it will help all others raise themselves as they see in him/her what can be achieved for themselves.This is one of the reasons Jesus and Mary Magdalene came on Earth.And this is what we are witnessing around us with all sisters and brothers thriving in their fields and passions.The thriving of others is our thriving as we are responsible for what we create and as we witness it and are happy about it we are also lifting ourselves to a higher planes of existence as we recognise the power of the creator within us that acts in miraculous ways.So do not be concerned if your life is not where you would like it to be or planned,be happy for where it is,be happy for existing in the now to witness the unfolding of your expansion,just be happy without a reason at all times and let the river of divine clarity bring you through the path of less resistance to accomplish your desires which is only a daily 10-15’ practice of going within and listening your inner voice as i listen my higher self right now bringing this message to you.

Nikos Akrivos