Nikos Akrivos

Meditation,Visualization, Celebration, Repetition. #feelmorethanfine

Truth revealed makes many angry. For your own good make it your intention to be loving & kind no matter what arises at all times. And if someone is angry around you or in your environment ,make sure to not take it personnally as every time that someone is angry ,this shows clearly their own battle with the Self. Also do not engage in any way because this may take you out of your own balance and centre. Mastery is about remembering at all times : IAM the Love , IAM the Light , IAM the Truth and this is the only real thing that i have the freedom to chooce to be and feel at all times .Remember a moment in your life where you had such a good time ,feeling satisfaction about everything that it did not matter what others around you say or do :Yes, you were in the clouds and while it is good to be grounded it also good to be and feel into that state as the more you practise this, the more you attract of the same experience. This is a vibrational Universe :What you feel and think ,you attract. Remember this next time you see a post on social media you disagree strongly or when you speak with a friend that may trigger you to loose contact with your foundational Truth. It sure takes practice and that is the reason that taking the time to go within 15-20 daily will boost your power to remain centered and calm at all times creating the reality you so wish to experience. And yet all we are asked to do is to be happy all of the time. Not happy with the conditions of the outside world but happy within which is the only authentic JOY as True Love is without conditions .Appreciation of All That Is and Eagerness for what is coming are the keys that allows us to operate with ease and grace and flow.

So to resume : Meditation, Visualization, Celebration, Repetition.


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