Meditation for cleaning up toxicity in human bodies,homes & festivals all over the planet.

Among all sorts of drugs , alcohol in any shape or from is another cause of toxicity.
Alcohol does not serve anyone in the energies of evolution from Carbon based to Crystalline based cells called Ascension.
We will do this invocation and meditation every day at 20h00 for the coming 7 days from 5-20 minutes to assist in clearing up all addictions to use any toxic substances & alcohol , to suction all impurities from each and everyone on the planet to clean up all homes and all clubbing scenes and festivals for the highest good for all.

‘’In Gratitude to be here in this now moment I call upon in Gratitude My Higher Self and My Soul Team ,The Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom,All Beings of Light of the Unlimited Unconditional Love,The Ascended Masters , Galactic Sisters and Brothers,The Animal and Plant Kingdom,Mother Father God and Prime Creator to assist in clearing up from each and everyone the toxic habits, whatever it is, to purify each and everyone’s energies and to help them realise their oneness with God/Love within and all life so all can go through their Ascension Journey smoothly with ease, grace and flow taking full responsibility of their being,Thank You,Thank You,Thank You.And So Be It.’And So It Is’

We visualise in a Golden Green Emeraud Violet Light each and everyone being vibrant, healthy, rejuvenated, happy ,connecting and celebrating authentically one with another in loving and forgiving communities.

God Bless You and Thank You

Feel More Than Fine