Mastering the art of allowing and surrendering.

rainbow hands lifted in search for freedom
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This is such an amazing time to be alive, witnessing the unfolding, even if most often than not it appears that nothing is really moving forward out there. To be aware that the shift is internal and to remain in this open space of appreciation without seeing any outside changes is the key. To not give in negative thinking rather remain in the present moment, aware of the smallest to the biggest detail, depending where focus is placed. I look at a flower and focus all my intention on it, feeling the life in it. Then looking at the clouds, fully immersed. And as i do that an even greater feeling of joy invades my being. So simple and at the same time so effective. So Present. Feeling empowerment through being present. Magical and at the same time so new that the mind might want to go back to older ways of doing things. Yet even when i try to do so i feel immediately a big difference between being in the now and thinking of past or future. The key here for me is to feel into future creations and allow them to be attracted to me through enjoying their specific frequency in the now. Like feeling satisfaction, elation, bliss etc not because a condition is fulfilled rather being in that space unconditionally, relaxed, at ease.
That is what i call Mastering the art of allowing and surrendering.
In appreciation of All That Is.
I AM The Flow, I AM.
I AM the witness of my created Reality I AM.
I celebrate!

Nikos Akrivos