Mass Meditations Summary

Accordingly to the Light Beings this is the first time we are going through such tremendous opportunity for change for the highest good for all.Personally I have been handling the energies by doing as many as possible mass meditations daily and also working on visualisations and feeling into the frequency of desired outcomes for my highest good and the highest good for all.It feels now like IAM on automatic pilot,at times i choose not to sit and do the meditation,i choose to walk or play music or dance or simply being active physically while in my mind IAM focusing to share Light.It is something in me that always requests to find ways to make my Light Work more fun and I know for sure that when i look for the fun then of course the meditations are much more effective because i find myself in Higher Frequencies closer to The Angels and Company of Heaven.I do practise a lot of laughter too,even if i don’t feel like laughing or being in gratitude for things i don’t understand,it is also very effective.

My current program is like this:

I go to bed around 22h00 and if the energies are strong then i will do meditation.At times the energies coming from Central Galactic Sun are so powerful that it is impossible to sleep even if i do 1 hour meditation.So at the times i am normally at bed,i find myself doing some Yoga or Chi Gong,it allows energy to be grounded and used for something instead of remaining still.At times i will choose to have a good night sleep and at times when i feel i don’t need that much sleep i wake up around 3-4 am and go within and meditate for about 45′ to 1 hour.Then if i feel still ok i will write something or read something.And after that going back to bed.I do my best to have one or 2 short cat naps a day,it helps to release resistance and i feel super energized when i do this.And then i have a scheduled program,specific times in the day that i participate in mass meditations with a specific intention.

You can find and choose those that fit your schedule here:

We have Every Day at 3PM EST the mass meditations with Jared Rand that you can find all about here :

Also we do 8 at 8(am & pm your local time):

Our focus and intentions:
race riots, the bigotry,
the coronavirus, the media,
women’s rights around the world,
aboriginal issues around the world,
the poverty and distress in Zimbabwe
drought in California, calling for more rain,
staggering 35,588* murders in Mexico,
domestic violence, murder in Mexico,
human trafficking around the world
the unconscionable WAR in Yemen
900,000 people displaced in Syria
violent messages in music & film
other issues on beautiful Gaia.


Please join with us at 8AM and/or 8PM

And the #SUNdayUnityMeditation we do every Sunday at at 14h11/17h11 and 20h11 Central European Time remaining still for 33′ radiating out Peace,Love,Joy.

You can find all about here:

This particular weekend with The New Moon Solar Eclipse and Solstice Energies we do 2 extra meditations that you can find here :

So,if you ask me,there are vast opportunities out there to assist from the comfort of your house,the result is always a feeling that is uplifting and true joy emanating from within which is the true definition of joy allowing more of The God that we are to flow through our beings and of course also the benefit or being able to be more compassionate and have amazing stamina on day to day issues that may arise when we observe around us those that are not aware yet of their oneness with God and All That Is.

Make your own schedule and see and feel for yourself how uplifting and fulfilling this experience is.