Making Contact With Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters/Accelerating The Time for The Event and Massive Landings.

Making contact in a half asleep state with our galactic brothers and sisters can be super Fun and of course accelerate the time for The event when the massive landings will take place.

We practised this with my partner and personally i saw them being teleported from their inner planet then fell asleep while she asked for confirmation of their presence and heard few people next door making noise twice.She asked for more pleasant sounds and the people started to laugh.

Before you go to sleep take a shower to raise your vibration.

Lie in your bed and stay without moving for about 20 minutes.

Put your hands on  your belly.

Set the intention to meet with The Pleiadians,The Arcturians ,The Andromedans or your favorite galactic race.

Open your eyes and see if you observe any shadows in your room.

Remain Calm.

Ask for a confirmation of their presence on your body or something external.

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Evidence of Pleiadians Ships making Contact and Barbara Marciniak who has been channeling  Pleiadians Message for many years now.