Lunar Eclipse Meditation July 5th(Europe) – 6:00-6.44 CET.

Blessings Beloveds ~
Here we are at the final eclipse of our Triple-Eclipse passage. Energies may make us tired-and-wired. Magnetic shifts are literally pulling apart density and making way for the NEW REALM, which landed last week, to reveal in the physical realms.

Be sure to commune with nature and ask the plants, rocks, animals, water and elementals to express their Crystalline New Earth Self. Feel it, they respond quickly to our heart-based open-conduit of Source radiation.

Remember this is a very mystical few weeks of rapid change. 

Our Divine Empowerment requires learning how to utilize our Creator BEingness, our Creator State. All focus and invocations on the creation of Freedom, within and without. Feel it, command it, create Freedom for all through pure Unity consciousness!
Rewriting HUstory: Last week’s article HERE

The End Game is Love
A gentle re-hearter: Spiritual Disclosure of the Divine HUman and Unity Consciousness is End Game. Ascension is not something you wish, watch, or wait for. We are in a phase of consistent waves, solar flashes, and stargate flows to support an experience. As Gaia said, it’s happening NOW. Many are swayed into choosing sides or saviors, because it gives them comfort with the vivid unknown that is 2020. Let those aspects have their experience, and try not to be disheartened by the dismantling (even your own). Remember you don’t have to watch it burn. You have the Divine Birthright of free will to co-create and have a new experience. This passage is tough on the mental and emotional levels, which is why we focus on balance and stability within, to assist with balance and stability without. Be sure to unplug from the scramble of narratives often; it literally interferes with your coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your reality. Apply uncommon sense. Duality and judgment have a very short shelf life. Remember this year is filled with sleight-of-hand, and many realities need your agreement or verbal reinforcement to manifest (ie: saying *they* are going to do this or that). Choose wisely, dear hearts. We are all learning unity consciousness under global duress.

Only empower the thoughts, words, actions and feelings you desire to see manifested. Forgive those who dishonor life, utilize discernment as you focus on peace. Don’t let social distancing become heart-distancing, or you’ll miss the bigger thing unfolding in this Now.
Freedom Codes in many forms As we regroup to the Divine BEingness of Source that is having this experience, we feel pure Freedom. It has been a year since the Freedom codes activated in the USA. Keeping pulling the codes through the Crystalline New Earth grids, new organic stargates and your own heart. Focus on the Freedom codes through this final eclipse on Saturday, July 4th at 9:29 pm PDT. Put your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom.

The effects of what occurs on July 4th (America’s birthday) will reveal in the weeks afterward, so we are holding focus through the 18th. Let us assist in allowing the highest good to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible.   Global Meditations Eclipse Global Meditation on Saturday July 4th from 9PM – 9:44PM PDT SUNday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC -7)

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Kindwhile, shift moment-by-moment into Infinite Self Mode. Our faith in Divine Love and each other will be more than enough for this transformational passage.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,