Lucid Dreams/Learn To Fly

Last night i had an amazing experience,i found myself flying and following a guy that was using a futuristic air flying surf. My view was breathtaking and exciting  at the same time as i knew somehow that i was safe.This is what Lucid Dreaming is all about: to be aware that your are dreaming in your dream.

How was I Flying?By using my wings!

To be able to lucid dream in a consistant /conscious way you need to follow a certain way of sleeping.

I usually go to bed at 22h (between 22h and 02h is the best time for the body to regenerate) then wake up few hours later to read ,do some yoga , meditate or create music depending on my levels of energy.An hour later i tend to go back to bed and this is the time where i am lucid dreaming.

Try for yourself. The feeling of it when you wake up is amazing,you are living another life where there are no 3dimensional limitations and that is brining a lot of satisfaction to your being.

Being able to lucid dream consciously is also helping to manifest better reality in our life.


Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos