We’ve been told time and time again that Israel was the last step before things take a dramatic change for the highest good for all. There is a World War III raging to be announced as this is the only way for the sleeping masses to wake up. If you check one my latest posts about onboard flight MH370/ you will see evidence that the White hats are in control all this time and this movie needs to be played out as it does .Make your best to not identify with what takes place to be aware but to not make it your reality, to care but to not carry .This train leads to glory ,not everybody can see it, the intention is for as many as possible to see the Light at the end of the tunnel and to not be engaged verbally or in any other way if there is no real change happening from such action. We let the professionals do their work while we send silently our prayers and intentions for The Love and Light of God to be tangibly manifest in our physical world as it is already done in the higher dimensions which is the reason we say always LOVE HAS WON.YOU and I are more powerful through our focused intention to bring Peace than our minds can conceive. ps. on a side note you need to know that is very hard at times to take out terrorists in civilian zones where children are playing and where military must stop their operation to not harm any civilians and especially children always looking to do as less as possible collateral damage…the dismantling of the cabal teams happens in plain sight, they are the end of their end, take my word for that.Nikos