Loosing Family Members?You are not alone.

These past 2 months I had 1 one cousin 1 uncle & 1 ante passing away.If you have family members leaving,you are not alone.Anyone who is leaving their physical body is doing so because that was their pre-agreement before incarnating.We ALL choose everything before we get born,we choose our parents and we choose a path that will bring more lessons to our soul.That is why at times,what we wish does not manifest how we wish exactly but with some tweaking from The Creator so we learn our lessons.The point is that we came here for the purpose of joy and only joy and those who are leaving us and go on the other side of the realm,they want us to know that actually they are not dead,they are actually having amazing time as on the other side there is no pain or duality or suffering.Those who leave us they can also see the work we are doing as a collective and upon our request assist us in being succesful in our Ascension process as many of us,you know who you are,are doing the work to remain in our physical bodies by daily absorbing more Light within our beings.Everyone on the planet right now are performing their roles perfectly.And so even if some desires we want,also material like new car,new house,financial freedom etc. even if they don’t manifest directly,they are down the pipeline for delivery when we are ready vibrationnally to receive them and truly get it that WE are Worthy to receive it all as what is God’s Abundance belongs to all of His/Her Children and so there is nothing We can not be,do or have.Just hanging on with ease and grace and allowing more of the incoming energies to do the work while visualizing beautiful outcomes in our personal lives and the lives of everyone else.We create The Highest Good For All.We Create Abundance and Prosperity and Well Being and Peace for all Humanity.We Create a planet that is loving and forgiving,We create that all Children and Everybody is Safe and Sound everywhere on the planet free to express themselves and be who they want to be without being judged because of their differences.We Create Divine Neutrality.We Create Awesome Communites.We Create Galactic Contact.We Create Basic Universal Income For Everyone.We Create Free Health Care System Specialzed to Ascension using Light Technolofies and Celestial Chambers and Medbeds for everyone.We Create Jobs Serving only The Highest Good for all.We create a planet where the law of DO NO HARM TO SELF AND ALL OTHERS is being integrated by all.WE ALLOW THE ENERGIES DO THIS WORK FOR US AND WE TRUST THAT ALL IS WELL,no matter what we observe.WE CREATE SMOOTH ASCENSION FOR EVERYONE.AND SO IT IS.AMEN.