Little Update from My Perspective & Observation:

What do outdoor kiosks sell mostly in Greece?only healthy thing to consume:water,if not added fluoride in it.All else sugar,salt & cigarettes & some toys.Now if one considers that most supermarkets work the same way one can realize how much of toxic substances go into the bodies of those consumers without them being aware of it,including children.And so,no wonder the rise of frequencies on the planet behooves all those that do not wish to face their soul’s call.First one needs to set the intention to clean body from all toxicities.Then one needs to move forward and do inner work in silence for at least 15-20 daily to find peace within so to be able to remain peaceful and loving in all circumstances.And the light coming in is now forcing the way so to speak as there is no coming back to what it was.While the current structures are doing the best they can to keep up the status quo,they are doomed to fail as we begin to see with the taking down of vatican for example.But this is only on the surface,as there is war also underground.Know that we are not alone in this and at this moment .The Galactic Federation of Light with all their ships are so densely patterned around our planet and solar system that if we were to see how many ships and craft there are, we would almost not see the sky.

We Keep up prayers in gratitude for already receiving what WE want and living in the now allowing the energies do the work for us.