Let yourself feel the unknown being replaced with the excitement of the new creation…Live for the new. Don’t hang onto the old.

-Apollo through Valerie Donner-

Dear Ground Crew:

On December 30, 2020, Apollo gave this message: “Your year 2020 is ending on a most unusual note. This year has been unusual in every way. We are with you. We know the uncertainty is increasing. This is part of the ascension process. You are becoming free from the limited way of living in the material world and moving into the mystery of the spiritual world. Your consciousness is rising and has been struck with light. Watch this light move through your thoughts and experience. Let yourself feel the unknown being replaced with the excitement of the new creation. Forces of peace and creativity are a part of your lives on the new earth. It will be with us. We are with you. This is your time of transfiguration. You’ll be happy in your new world. Live for the new. Don’t hang onto the old.”

Happy New Year, Ground Crew! This is truly a new year, a new you and a new dimension! It is what we are creating it to be. How was 12/21/20 for you? Were you able to see the Saturn Jupiter conjunction? What happened for me is that when I went out to look at the sky at 6:05PM it was all foggy. Then I asked the angels and the Galactic’s to clear the fog! I told them “I have been waiting a long time to see this conjunction and I want to be able to see it!” I went out 20 minutes later and the fog had cleared and I got to see Saturn and Jupiter bringing in the Age of Aquarius. This is a picture of what I saw. I also saw it the next night on 12/ 22/20.

Did you do some meditation on 12/ 21/20? I was pretty much in meditation for most of the day. I felt like being quiet. The meditation I did that night with several other people here was profound. I could see the earth in my heart and she was pure light. Peace filled my heart and continues to every time I bring in that energy. You might want to try this as a meditation by breathing the earth into your heart and seeing it as completely lighted. If you focus on this with your breath you will feel peace. This is part of the 5D experience that we can use to keep ourselves in that higher dimension.

Some have expressed disappointment with December 21, 2020. They liken it to 2012 when the expectations were high for a big shift. Things did shift profoundly in 2012 paving the way for the shift of the ages, December 21, 2020. Be grateful that you were not struck with lightning or a huge experience. Please accept that this is a process and cannot be changed radically overnight. The business that the lightworkers are charged with is to maintain a fifth dimensional consciousness. This is how we anchor ourselves into the new earth.

We are entering completely into the unknown therefore no one knows exactly how our ascension will occur. It is almost like going into a black hole. It will be revealed as it occurs. No one knows with certainty how it will happen. If they act like they do, then you might want to reconsider them as a source. Remember that Source is the source and we work for Source. 

Ascension stems around consciousness, higher consciousness. When you raise your vibration, you can feel the bliss, joy, happiness, truth, love, and peace and all good things, and these vibrations are anchored into your field. The energies are there for you to touch and to anchor in to yourself and to impart to others. It is how ascension and the light work.

Source understands how long you have endured the enslaved planet called the earth. Your impatience to expedite this process is known. It is being expedited. When you are living in the 5th dimension and higher, time ceases to exist. There is only the now moment. This process began in September 2020 when time sped way up. It was said that in September 2020 six months occurred in that month. Time continued to accelerate throughout the remaining months of 2020. This is even more true for 2021.

It is best to place your focus on the consciousness of the fifth dimension and higher. Staying disappointed and bemoaning what didn’t happen will not serve you or anyone. Your focus needs to be on creating heaven on earth. The energies and feelings are accessible now. You can do this, ground crew.

The weather in the San Francisco bay area has been beautiful and sunny. The sky has been gifting us with amazing beauty. Rod Price, a friend, was at Limantour Beach, in Marin County California, the week before Christmas. He took these two pictures; one is angels in the clouds and the other is a spaceship over the water.

My son, who lives in San Francisco, took this picture of a rainbow early Christmas morning.

On December 26, I took this picture of a moon-bow outside of my house. We had another moon-bow on the 27th. According to the Native Americans (from www.quietbuck.wordpress.com) “The moon-bow represents the occurrence of the Great Spirit.” . . . It is important to the Cherokee/Shawnee people since it is taken as a distinct sign from the Great Spirit to the native people . . . It was interpreted as a great invitation and blessing with great meaning that is very hard to be translated into the English language.” Moon-bows are considered rare.

With all of this beauty, blessings, and rare signs from the heavens, we can anticipate that this is going to be an amazing year in 2021. Our jobs as lightworkers is to keep holding the light and to maintain fifth dimensional consciousness, or higher, no matter what is going on around us. We are not in that old third dimensional material world anymore. We want to stay in that higher dimensional timeline. 

In my Mira channeling class on December 22, she showed me something that touched my heart. I was shown that every one of the bringers of light to this planet is very special and appreciated. They went back to all the meditations we’ve done, prayers, books we’ve read, classes we’ve taken, the healing work that we’ve done on ourselves and all the inner work, and the sacred places we visited, etc. This also includes everything we’ve completed from past lives. They said that we could not have made it to December 21, 2020 without all of our arduous work. Ground crew, please know how special you are, how appreciated you are, and how each one of you is part of this amazing Ascension process. Every thought, word and deed has been integral to taking us into the Golden Age.

Some predict that things could get intense here in the United States from January 6 to the 20th. This has to do with the results of the Electoral College, as well as, with the inauguration of whoever is going to be the new president. Some sources are saying it will take two or three months for things to smooth out in the US. More than likely this will carry over to other parts of the world also because what happens here is pivotal.

Please take heart and know that the light has already won! We have mastered 3D. You are on the right path, ground crew!