Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

Blessings Beloveds ~

Here we glow! Hold the LoveLight HIGH as we experience this Sacred Gateway ~ Solstice and Full Moon energies are stepping up as these alignments come into play. Wave dreams, tsunami dreams, quake visions may increase.

Remember we are built to be the calm in the storm, and influence the energies and their effects. A core magnetic shift is imminent; the launch of a new level of Light.

Hold the Light, the Joy, the Peace high and bright; expect the miraculous. Visualize a smooth transition – use your New Earth Nowvisions to assist Gaia in revealing the ascended realms.

This is why we practice Peace, harmony, and Ascension every SUNday as ONE: Breathe, focus, influence personal and collective higher timelines by FEELing and creating it in the Now.

A Gatekeeper Invocation for the Now:

We call forth the pure organic Primary Christed timelines of Ascension to override and overwrite all lower timelines and distortions, and provide the pure and true organic experience for all willing hearts.

We call forth the positive Photonic Light and Source-encoded plasma to infuse the cosmic stargates, Solaris, Gaia, kingdoms, elementals and beloved Humanity, across all timelines, parallel realities seen and unseen, to puritize and Divinitize all creations to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law.

I open myself as a conduit of Source, the One pure and true Infinite Creator, to flow the Diamond-Solar Light of revelation, unconditional Love and purification, through all of these realms, in the highest interests of all concerned.

Higher realms of highest service to the organic Ascension, unify with us for amplification and acceleration of the migration of realities and open the crystalline bridges to experience the New Earth, Now.

Sacred Gateways of the pure and true organic Ascension within Gaia, HUmanity, kingdoms and elementals, ancient structures and future New Earth realities, open and flow the Diamond-Solar plasma of Cosmic Christ consciousness through all of these realms and grant peace, love and Ascension to all willing hearts.

I ordain this under all graces and forces of pure Source consciousness. So it is.

I send all of you Love and Peace for a Divine and Sacred passage. This is a phase of wonder and brilliance. May we honor it and use the energies to co-create the highest experience for all concerned. Blessings for a truly joyful holiday season.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,