July 25th:Day out of Time.

”July 25th ~ is a Day Out Of Time celebration requesting that all Starseeds and Lightworkers gather as we are to be blessed with the plasma energies which are preparing us to activate our latent DNA. It also coincides with the end of days of Kali Yuga (dark age) and the opening stages of Satya Yuga (Golden Age). These two timelines are operating concurrently at the moment, and therefore it’s crucial that we are aware of our thoughts, words and actions. Daily intention is key.’

When my girlfriend, Andrea, read the posting by Jenji and the White Wolf Tribe (below), she immediately invited our Galactic Sisters group to gather on Thursday ~ Day out of Time ~ so we can anchor in the new energies for Earth’s liberation along with all her people. We thrive on wielding our Light for the good of humanity. Hopefully you too can meet up with a friend or a group of friends or on the internet to assist Gaia in removing the last dregs of the illusion of control that the lower frequencies have held over Humanity for the last 14,000 years. Peaceful Planetary liberation is our intention”

Selamat Ja!
Colleen Galactic Heart

Based on the Mayan 13 Moon calendar, today July 25th is known as the ‘Day out of Time’. On this day people of all cultures all around the world celebrate and honor the universal cycle of eternal time. Step into the space of timelessness and embrace the abundance that exists in the quantum field. The Sun moved into the fiery, passionate sign of Leo the Lion. Leo is the sign of strength, creativity and the ‘heart’ portal to the 5th dimensional field and beyond. Leo represents the solar source of life force on the planet, the vitality pulsing in your heart. As we clear and purge the density and trauma shaken loose by two powerful eclipses, the month of Leo ignites a new sense of freedom and vibrancy. We see Blue Star Sirius (Dog Star) rising every morning on the horizon with the Sun between July 3 and August 11th. The 8:8 Lionsgate opens the ‘hallways of time’ to ancient history when Sirian Masters traveled to earth and taught the principles of Ascension. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the annual event when Star Sirius aligned with the Great Pyramid and Sphynx forming a frequency receptor of celestial light transmission. During this event a stargate is fully open streaming intense photonic light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza. When the Sun is conjunct Star Sirius it creates a Solar Stargate (Lionsgate) that amplifies Star Codes for mastery and ascension.
DNA is now recognized as a shimmering, waveform configuration…a biological quantum field computer that is adaptable and modified by light, radiation, magnetic fields and sonic pulses. The deep indigo blue Sirian Light assists with opening the chakras, transmuting pathogens, increasing the crystallization of the cells and clearing the human-reptilian hybrid genetic code. The legacy of ancient Thoth/Enoch/Metatron reminds us that the “Language of Light”, the geometry of frequencies and harmonic science of the ancients, is actually transforming human DNA. You are stepping into freedom! The annual 8-8 Lion’s Gate is a pivotal Cosmic Ascension event, as humanity and Gaia are propelled through the portal into the higher realms. Every being on the planet will be offered the choice to align with the original, divine Law of One. During the Lion’s gate Activation, the 8-8 “wave” contains the new Light Codes of the Cosmic Ascension for the next year/cycle. Open and receive these codes to activate your crystalline DNA, to support you in making another quantum shift and furthering your personal evolution. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to accelerate your Ascension! Join Manette and myself with Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world on August 8th as we enter the Lions Gate portal. The show is recorded for replay.
If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=209833
Lovingly, Meg Graphic
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