Ivo of Vega: ET Healing

Me: Folks, sit back and take this in. You’re probably not going to be as flabbergasted as I was but listen to this anyway. I have been concerned that the mass of amalgam fillings, some of which are 50 years old, have been leaking into my bloodstream and creating the chronic fatigue that I’ve been experiencing now.

What I did was check with my last dentist. The assistant told me of all the white fillings that had been put into my mouth and this is what she wrote:

“It looks like Dr. Fisher did seven composite (white) fillings in August 1996 on the upper anterior and cuspid/first bicuspid teeth-24, 23, 22, 11, 12, 14 and lower right first bicuspid tooth-44. The second bicuspid and molar teeth have amalgam fillings.”

Cuspids and bicuspids are your front teeth to the canines, I believe. There are pre-molars which are less flat and then your molars.

She is saying here that ALL MY MOLARS are filled with amalgams, which is what I thought. Until I looked in my mouth the other day.

One thing I inherited from my family, along with I believe a predisposition to Parkinson’s disease, which both my parents had, and weak gallbladders which they both had removed as well. I have survived that so far, taking chanka piedra to clean out gallstones. Boy, did that work, a bit harsh but it worked. I ended up in emergency to get fluids because I couldn’t eat or drink for days. I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. As if. Luckily I have my own extraterrestrial scientist on hand.
Anyway. On with the story.
I inherited horrendous teeth. My whole family worked hard at keeping their dentists in riches, lavish homes and the newest sports cars. We put their children through college. We all have missing teeth, root canals, bridges, as well as those ugly mercury amalgam fillings. Although we have nice smiles, you don’t want to go inside because you get the real goods on the health of our mouths. All of us struggled and were back and forth to the dentist constantly. My brother had the whole upper side of his mouth done up in root canals.
I was talking to Ivo about healing my chronic fatigue particularly, but I also said I needed to have these ugly amalgams removed and replaced with white fillings. He said he could help me. ETs can replace the teeth. I thought that was great and thought I’d just wait until he lands and we can get to work on healing these teeth.
Today, on a whim, which isn’t as much a whim as it is suggestion by guides, I went to get a hand mirror to check on a visible cavity that’s been bothering me for a while. I’ve been using sensitive (non-fluoridated) “natural” toothpaste on it to numb the pain but it has to be dealt with. (This toothpaste is called “Green Beaver” and it’s for sale on amazon. Contains no fluoride).
So I thought today I’d muster up my courage and face my adversary face to face. I would look at the cavity.
As I opened my mouth and examined my lower jaw, there I saw it – a white tooth! All white with a little bitty speck of what looked to be amalgam at the very top but nothing like the usual chunks of amalgam that are in my swiss cheese-like teeth. I know other than my front teeth, dentists have never used white fillings on my teeth. Molars were always treated with amalgams or pulled. (I confirmed this with my last dentist who did a lot of work on my teeth).
But there it is – a white tooth! It was like a miracle. I thought, “Huh?! Am I losing my mind?” The usual reaction. But then I guard against this because then you’re in the twilight zone and subject to being effed with by the dark ones. No. I had to be sure.
“Ivo, did you fix my tooth?!”
He explained he had because it was one of the worst leakers.
I have a white tooth without a filling in it! You can’t know how happy that makes me after 50 some odd years of being drilled, injected and knowing all the while this was the wrong thing to do. Really. Part of your body is rotting! You can’t know how absurd that sounds to an extraterrestrial mind.
I have a white tooth. I know it was an amalgam. All my molars had been drilled, even the wisdom teeth, of which I have three. If they weren’t drilled, they were pulled. There were no teeth that didn’t have work done on them. But there it is today. A brand new tooth.
I find myself searching my past to see when a dentist would’ve put in that white filling. I am searching my past to see that tooth looking that way and remembering that it did, and I’m just getting a foggy response. Just fog. I don’t remember that tooth looking white. And that’s the truth. Because it was just replaced lately, perhaps overnight, and I have no memory of it ever being white. But that’s how we respond to things: we search our past and try to find memories to prove this wrong. But I have no memory of it being white. All my molars had, ugly amalgams. I’m even going to take a picture of my teeth so that I’ll be able to check if I keep finding white teeth in my mouth.
I just figured out a way to check. I have a mouth guard for my grinding that I’ve used for 30 plus years. I look on it to see where the amalgams were and the tooth in question is as stained as the places the other teeth fit into. I definitely had an amalgam filling in that spot! Now the tooth is completely new. What a miracle!
What I believe may be happening is that I’ve decided to look at another adversary square in the face – my chronic fatigue – which came about during ascension, and to deal with it. Now that I’ve decided to do something about it, I seem to be getting ET help. I think when you don’t take your life by the horns, don’t get square on the causes of things and your part in creating them, you may not get any help other than to try to get you to wake up and take responsibility. As we’ve discussed, taking responsibility is stepping into your power and then they’re more inclined to work with you.
Part of me thinks I must be wrong. It doesn’t want to believe this happened but I know all my teeth were in rough shape. Why would there be one pristine tooth in the middle of this train wreck mouth?
How it can be fixed, you’re asking. It’s that the template for your earth body is in the dimensions above it. There are templates for your body in higher dimensions. They’re like blue prints and our body will be repaired here according to what they specify. So think about the potential of holistic healing when we start getting the power to work with these templates. I’m sure people already are. They’re still basically on the fringe but when that goes mainstream, healthcare will be amazing and far less invasive than it is now. I’ve heard people who were put into the secret space program talk about how they replace arms and legs that have been lost. Just put you to sleep and overnight you have a new arm again.
This is where medicine will go to eventually here on earth. But you see they can’t tell us that you have these subtle bodies because then the whole ET question would have to be exposed and the official narrative is that ETs don’t exist. It’s all interconnected. They tell you you’re just a physical body and your mind is in your brain. It’s not.
After years of looking at these ugly amalgams, believing they’re part of my chronic fatigue problem, it’s a miracle to see a white tooth sitting there. I’m so happy.
My mind keeps telling me it’s sure it’s always been there, but I know it hasn’t. I think we’re going to have to start finding ways to deal with the effects of things like miracles of this sort, and timeline jumps. You know how crazy you feel when you are sure you put your hammer and nails in a certain spot and then later go to get them and they’re not there? That’s because of jumping timelines.
Now the next thing is to figure out who turned on my vacuum cleaner the other night. I still think I have ghosts here and the man living behind me even agrees they’re here. He says, “Just talk to them.” Nope, all of them off the planet and get them crossed into the astral. Send ’em home. They don’t belong here anymore. If they want to do some vacuuming before they go, that’s fine but they have to go.
Ivo, I’m sorry I had to check with Dr Fisher’s office to confirm this but my mind was confused over this.
Ivo: I am fine with this, my love. Now you believe me.
Me: I know you don’t lie but it’s me that’s the problem. Now I believe you. There was an amalgam there, now there’s a beautiful new tooth. How could that one molar have survived fifty years of sugary onslaught when the rest of them didn’t. I know my dentists put white fillings in the front teeth, for appearances’ sake, but never the back.
Thank you for my new tooth!
Ivo: Now that you believe me, we can go forward.
Me: There you go, folks. ETs are intervening in our physical lives more and more, now they are removing the causes of our dis-ease.