This exercise is a Divine Gift that is designed to not only greatly expand the Light of the world, but to seal our bodies permanently in the Divine Blueprint of Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health and Radiant Beauty.
This special gift has been given to us by Beloved Mother Mary to help us integrate the 5th-Dimensional Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity now
pouring through the 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine of our I AM Presence. How well we integrate this Light will set the tone for our passage into the
5th-Dimensional Octaves of Infinite Perfection.
Beloved Mother Mary, who is an exponent of the Divine Mother Principle on Earth, has given us a sacred gift to enhance our ability to Ascend.
At the inception of the last Age, the Christian Dispensation, Beloved Mother Mary volunteered to come to Earth in a physical body to offer her
vehicle as the Open Door through which the Avatar of that Age, Beloved Jesus, would embody in human form.
She had been trained at inner levels for centuries of time on the principles of holding the Immaculate Concept, which is the Divine Blueprint for
all manifest form. When she entered the physical plane, she was entrusted with the Immaculate Concept of the Divine Plan for Beloved Jesus.
Every detail of his sacred mission on Earth was recorded in Mother Mary’s Heart Flame, and with every breath she took during her Earthly
sojourn, she nourished and protected that plan.
With the clear vision of his Divine Plan held before him through the concentrated efforts of Mother Mary, Jesus’ mission was God Victoriously
Even in the face of the most terrifying adversity, Jesus passed Victoriously through his Earthly initiations into Christhood.
As Mother Mary walked down from the hill at Golgotha after the crucifixion of her Beloved Son, she said, “ What I have done for you, my Son, I
now do for all mankind.”
At that moment, Mother Mary’s Divine service expanded from holding the Immaculate Concept for one Avatar — Christed Being — to holding the
Immaculate Concept for every man, woman and child evolving on Earth.
She agreed to hold this vision for each of us until we likewise attain the Christed state of Being and reclaim our natural birthright as Sons and
Daughters of God. Thus healing, once and for all, our self-inflicted separation from God.
At the inception of this New Age — the Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom — Beloved Mother Mary is again making her presence
known. She is cradling this sweet Earth in her Heart Flame and has asked that each of us enhance her ability to assist the Earth and all Life
evolving here by balancing her efforts.
Cosmic Law states that the call for assistance must come from the realm where the assistance is needed and that the energy pouring forth from
the Heavenly Realms must be balanced by Humanity’s energy.
Mother Mary’s symbol has always been a white rose of purity. In the past Age, she revealed to the consciousness of Humanity a prayer that would
assist in balancing her efforts to help the evolutions of Earth. This prayer was called “The Rosary.”
Now, during this Cosmic Moment of planetary transformation, Mother Mary’s service to Earth has expanded to holding the Immaculate Concept
for every particle of Life. She is again revealing to us a prayer that will increase in power a thousand times a thousand fold each time it is recited.
This invocation of unprecedented power will allow the Immaculate Concept for the New Earth to quickly manifest.
Mother Mary has assured us that, as we recite this sacred prayer, our individual lives will begin to clearly reflect our Divine Purpose and reason
for being.
The illusions of the physical plane that have trapped us in fear and lack and limitation will be dissipated, and the reality of our Divine Heritage —
Heaven on Earth — will be revealed.
Each of us must go within to the Presence of God pulsating in our hearts and evaluate, according to our wisdom and our understanding, the
opportunity at hand. Then, in deep humility and gratitude, we shall recite the sacred prayer on the following page according to our inner

  • Hail Mother, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee.
    Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the
    fruit of Thy womb I AM. Hold for us NOW the
    Immaculate Concept of our true God Reality from this
    moment unto our Eternal Ascension in the Light.
    I AM That I AM
    That prayer is repeated 12 times, once for each of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity. As each “Hail Mother…” is stated, visualize the color and
    qualities of the corresponding Ray entering your heart and flooding through you to bathe the plan

IAM cocreating the New Earth