If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?


April 17, 2022, jennifercrokaert.com

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother


If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If you had to keep your past, but paint an entirely new future, what would you paint?

Consider these questions for just a little longer my precious child. It’s important information for you. You cannot create without knowing what you wish to create, otherwise you will end up with a muddy brown painting.

You don’t need precision. You can be as vague or as specific as you wish; perhaps you wish to feel peace, or to heal Gaia, to cleanse water, to travel, to explore your artistic side. Allow this to come to the surface, notice it, honour your Youness. Because you are the gift you came here to share. YOU.

Being YOU, following your interests, passions, healing your wounds, loving in your unique way. All this is Your gift to the ascension, your gift to Gaia, your gift to humanity. Your gift to yourself.

In some ways, slower is better. Allow your journey, your passions to unfold within. Avoid stressing over ‘I don’t know what my purpose is’, because your purpose is to be YOU. To think, do, speak and love as You do.

That’s it.

Your passions, joys and healings are the road signs to your purpose. It’s no grand destination, merely a process of settling into who you truly are, gently, lovingly, patiently.

You are my joy. Be your own Joy.

That is your purpose and your greatest gift to uplifting the collective vibration. Don’t wait for others, or for this or that to happen. Expand into the next greatest version of you now, even if only in a tiny way.

I love You. You are my delight. You are my Joy. Your joy is my gift to humanity.


Enjoy Being You

April 27, 2022

My beloved Children. You are not my children: that is an illusion. You are ME, in form; pure drops of Me.

You are the ocean in a drop, not a drop in the ocean, as Rumi noted.

Let that sink in. What does that mean about your beauty? Your power? Your strength? Your sovereignty? Your ability to dream, create and shape?

You have it all. You ARE it all. Everything is You; Within You; Of You; Through You.

Allow yourself to sink into these words even more deeply. As you look around you, do you like being you? Do you enjoy your life? When are you in-joy? In peace? In love? In creativity? In serenity?

I am not suggesting you change everything right here, right now. My purpose is more subtle. I wish you to find joy in being you, because you are a sacred, divine god. I wish for that knowledge to unfurl within you, so you may be enriched by your sacred, divine birthright.

You are beyond noble, royal, human…You are divine; a powerful, manifesting creator of love, joy, peace and kindness.

Enjoy being You. Move into the enjoyment of being you in every moment. However wonderful, troubled, gifted, failed, loving, problematic or fabulous you think you may be, let it go.

I’m giving you a clean slate. Choose to enjoy some aspect of being You.

You are a rich, complex tapestry of elements that you accept and reject, love and loath.  Allow it all to simply be.

That simple awareness will help you expand beyond your self, your consciousness and into your divinity. That simple awareness will plug you into my stream of consciousness, and together we create miracles.

Even if nothing else in your world changes, by settling into the awareness that you are me in form and consciousness, you will transform your experience of your world, thereby transforming your world, effortlessly.

(c) Jennifer Crokaert 2022 www.jennifercrokaert.com Youtube