Nikos Akrivos

IAM the Future Self of Humanity.

Hi, this is the Future Self of Humanity speaking in the here and now.

Do no harm is my law.

I am in service for a planet that works for all.

I am working on a fair financial system that assists each and everyone to have all they need so they don’t have to worry about working for a living and instead do what they really love and through that be in service for the highest good for all. Basic Universal Income for all will be the manifestation of this.

I am working to make sure that all children worldwide are safe and sound.

I am working on bringing forward the celestial chambers/medbeds that are able to heal any disease in less than 3 minutes.

I am working on bringing forward free energy to be used all over the planet, exactly as my brother Nicola Tesla dreamed of with a few tweaks here and there as many other inventors are waiting for their inventions to be recognized and supported.

I am working on creating eco sustainable communities that are self sustained in harmony with Mother Earth and the use of Technologies that respect this harmony.

I Am the Future Self of Humanity.

I am working on finding new ways to clean the oceans and the rivers.

I am working on Holistic Care and Ascension Centers for all Humanity and Animal Kingdom.

I am working on creating more plant based restaurants in balance with The Ascension of humanity.

I am working on creating Conscious celebration with art, music, meditation and dance in nature.

I am working on bringing humanity to immortality awareness as a collective.

I am working on creating new infrastructure for amazing mobility and intergalactic connection

I am working on making sure that every human has the roof of their liking of their head in the area,city,town of place they want to live.

I Am the Future Self of Humanity.

I Love You Humanity.

I am here with you right now.

I am Ascended.

I am 5D.

Joy is guiding my existence.

Authentic Joy from Alignement with The Supreme Creator, Mother Father God and Source of All Creation.

I am The Future Self of Humanity.

My biggest strength is compassion and forgiveness. My Light Armor is assisted by The Archangelic ,Angelic and Elementals and Elohim and Crystals Kingdom.

My Light Armor consists of the 12 Solar Aspects of Deity :

I AM safety,security,protection,Divine Will,Divine Order and Resolve I AM

I AM Divine Wisdom and Illumination I AM.

I AM Love, Light ,Truth and Humility I AM.

I AM Ascension and Purity ,The Ressurection and The Life I AM.

I AM Excellent Well Being and A Master Healer IAM.

I AM Divine Grace and Harmony and The Pure Christed Light Radiating out infinitely I AM

I AM Forgiveness,Freedom,Receptivity,Balance of Divine Feminine and Masculin,Transmutation I AM

I AM Clarity I AM

I AM Balance and Understanding I AM

I AM Peace, Abundance and Prosperity I AM

I AM Joy, Enthusiasm , Passion , Fun , Laughter and Playfulness I AM

I AM Transfiguration and Transformation I AM.


I AM The Future Self of Humanity here and now , I AM.

And So It Is.


Nikos Akrivos