I Speak Only of What I Want.

One can choose to speak for ever about what doesn’t go well at any level personal or global. And one can choose to notice and speak of only of the GOod stuff he/she notices and only of what she/he wants. Both are right in their perspectives, with the first the big majority or part of the world agrees while the 2nd is called a happy dreamer. Only one of the 2 is a Master Creator. Can the Master Creator demonstrate this to the rest of world ?

yes, at some point when enough momentum is reached and when this happens, the world will say : what a lucky guy/gal. But a true creator knows that he/she had to work on it from their depths of their being feeling GOod to the very deepest of their guts, he/she has practised for so long feeling good that at the end all projects and manifestations happen like a domino falling at geometric speed and when this happens the whole world is uplifted, simply because the Master Creator has focused enough to make what he/she wants TRUE.


Nikos Akrivos