I Pray

I pray for family and friends that are not ready to hear my perspective about all atrocities that took place on our planet.Many of you ask yourselves why we can not hang out together like always and while i always reply to you that I Love You so Much and I respect the Divine in You,i am asking you also now:how can we hang out out when you are not ready or do not want to hear my perspective ?I can only allow silence speak for itself.This is the big awakening for all of you my dear family and friends.I pray for you and i pray for your families and friends too for you that reads these words.I know that the wounds that are now opening is the place from where Light can finally penetrate your and their Hearts.I pray and hold the space for you and i send also Compassion and Love to Mother Father God cause if there is one that can truly Feel Humanity’s pain is our Mother Father God.I can only feel part of the pain as a result of Unified Consciousness and my job is to send the pain to the One Mother God to be released so i may poursue my work to hold the space in my Heart for all not fully awake sisters and brothers,that’s my job on the planet:To #FeelMoreThanFine holding the space,that is how Divine Love works.My job is to empty the vessel and allow more Love and Light move through.In this endeavour i ask for assistance and IAM immediately assisted by countless Light Beings=The Company of Heaven and Mother Father God.My only job is to be the Love,to be the Light: IAM The Love,IAM the Light,IAM. And that’s your job too,if you happen to be reading these words.You are not of service when you REACT to something one says,when you want to be right about your beliefs at all costs.You are doing your service when you can sit and listen and hear and hold the space of compassion and love,allowing each and everyone evolve and feel the pain deep in the hearts because it is from the wound that Love will FINALLY penetrate their closed Hearts.I pray for all of you.I pray that The Angels and your Light soul families from on High assist us all to release the suffering and finally live our lives peacefully with one another where each and everyone is safe from harm.There is so much to be done in this coming decade and you that keep reading these words,your mission is for now to hold a space of Love and Light and Peace for those that are waking up around you.And so to be of service for the Highest Good for All,what you need to do is to Love Yourself,to love all parts of Yourself.Only when you love yourself unconditionally you will be able to feel again the Joy and Love you already are,The God that You already Are.This is Who You Are.Only then you can truly radiate out your Love and Light fully as only then you #FeelMoreThanFine from within Out.Truly.Unconditionally.In Harmony with All That Is.With All That You are.Thank You.And I Love You and Hallelujah Anyways.