I now encourage you to take as much time as possible, my light brigade, my beautiful Army of One Love, to spend time in the stillness in this perfect manifestation of All That Is each day.-The Divine Mother through Joyful Christie-

The Simplicity of the One

photo of woman meditating
Photo by Natalie on Pexels.com

The Divine Mother channeled through JoyfulChristie on 2/28/22

Blessings for my children at this momentous time.

There is a rhythm involved as you move inward that begins with a seeking, the practice of quietude, searching out all that is in dissonance and gently easing it and letting it go.

Instead of complexity it is the simplest form of being.

The One.

And in the stillness of the One there is expansion beyond what you can imagine, expansion into all that you are, and I am seeing that blossoming now.

I cannot stress enough how dear the work you are doing, the hearts you are presenting, is to the collective consciousness on the planet.

I would insist that at this time Simplicity is the goal.

Sitting in the quietest corners of All That You Are and simply being the Love, the Joy, the Truth, the Peace, yes All of the divine qualities that are called for so strenuously at this time.

In stripping away the diversions and the chatter from the inner work, we reach a purity, a deeper understanding of the connection.

You are aligned with your truest and highest self – you are in active remembrance and this is beautiful and generous work.

Because at this time you are experiencing things in a linear fashion, it may seem that the shifting and rising that is happening on the planet is moving very slowly. But I caution you here to remember all that stretches behind and all that stretches ahead drops away in each Now moment.

As powerful creators, when you are guided within, let go of all the exterior distractions and sit in the seat of your divine qualities, manifesting them in the stillness of deep gratitude and the vibrational alignment with the Love forms that you are.

It is perfection.

In that moment you have done the work you came here to do and indeed in each moment you are doing it.

Know that I see how you struggle at times and hear my voice as I remind you that struggle is an illusion and in reaching deeply inward with gratitude you find release, you find alignment, you come home.

And it’s profound my children – it’s deeply profound.

I now encourage you to take as much time as possible, my light brigade, my beautiful Army of One Love, to spend time in the stillness in this perfect manifestation of All That Is each day.

Know that as you spend this time you are shifting the narrative my beautiful and powerful creators.

The work you are doing each moment is streaming light – light in which the darker energies can no longer maintain themselves.

What transformative work you do and how my heart and the heart of all rejoices!

Should you find you are discouraged or overwhelmed with the illusion presented right now on the outer scene, I urge you to remember this beautifully impactful inner work that you are asked to do, that you came here to do, that you intended.

Breathe in deeply and on each exhale release attachment to the outer, returning again and again to the One.

You are held Dear Ones, continuously. You have only to turn your attention to this beautiful multi-colored energy surrounding all of you in order to feel it.

At no time has it been more important for you to avail yourself of the energetics gifts that are being streamed to you in each Now moment. Reach up and out and step into ever more fully All That You Are my beautiful light warriors.

Know at this time that you sit surrounded in the Divine Light of the Creator and my own personal blessing.