I Command.


if you like and feel the heart call please repeat this invocation with me:

Through the God Being Creator Source Energy Being that i know I AM and with the help of all Light Beings of the Angelic and Archangelic Kingdom, the Ascended Masters and the Galactics, Mother Father God and all company of Heaven that is only of the pure unconditional Love and Light that I am asking humbly for support in a gratitude state in this now moment that we have entered officially in the Golden Age of Aquarius I Command:

1.The Release of Financial Funds destined to assist Humanity and Mother Earth to reach the higher dimensions of existence in 5D and beyond smoothly with ease, grace and flow
2.The Release of Free Energy Technologies to replace all other ways for energy in all levels and domains of use.
3.The Release of Non Invasive Healing Technologies of Light for rejuvenating all people and healing all diseases from cancer to diabetes and all in a minimum of time with ease, grace and flow experienced in a wonderful pleasant way that alleviates any suffering and allows the activation of DNA to its original perfected state of 12 double strands.
4.The Highest Good for all,Abundance and Prosperity in all ways always for all!
5.The best possible life for myself, my families, my communities and all of almost 8 billion sisters and brothers on the planet and all animal kingdom and all plant kingdom.
A life where each and everyone lives in harmony and peace with one another accomplishing their life’s mission through what gives them joy and speaks to their hearts.
6.The Reforestation of all Mother Earth out in nature or in small or big cities and towns.
7.The Total Cleansing,Erasing and Releasing of all memories, causes and cores that serve Humanity and the planet no longer.A new Now is created where past is shifting to an exclusive joyful experience and future is created with each and everyone doing what gives them joy serving in this way their highest good which in turn serves the highest good for all
8.The Creation of New Earth Educational Systems where all children and all adults learn the true history of our existence as Humanity : amazing beings called Terrans in playful and fun ways easily absorbed by each student.
9.The use of artificial intelligence serving exclusively the highest good for all humanity and the planet.
10.That each and everyone discovers their connection with the Love and Light within each and everyone is ,that each and everyone has and always is enough as He/She is, the truth that each and everyone is Source Energy Being,God Being Creator, God and with God creating a loving and forgiving planet that works for all and in reverence for all Life.

And So Be It.And So It Is.

Thank You and Bless You for your service dear Heart,

I Love You.

One Love.

Feel More Than Fine


Art Work by Mark Eden