Nikos Akrivos

Higher Self Message through Nikos Akrivos

Be at peace with where you are with the ever increasing energies. It is true that this demands even more inner work in order to surf the waves of Solar/Mother God Energies smoothly. The work you are doing is also benefitting all those around you who are not as aware of what is taking place. The shift ,as we have repeatedly shared, is first within and then without in all things, for all manifestations both personal and collective. We are always one breath away to assist you and once you ask , support is immediate as you may notice more and more. That is the thinning of the veil manifestation and the shift on how you feel is equally a direct manifestation in the now to be tangibly manifest soon in the physical world. Notice that the word soon means: time of manifestation is shorter and shorter as the vibration rises on the planet. Another direct manifestation is the time of sustaining a good feeling, a good thought or a frequency of manifestation is getting longer and longer. This means that what the collective of Humanity wishes is about to become tangibly manifest more and more sooner than later. This is why it is good to write down ones thoughts as they come through a personal dialogue as this brings more clarity and a higher perspective, first felt through vibration , then translated through feelings, thoughts and finally words. Trust, have Faith and Surrender. Or as you like to say be a S.T.A.R. Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive.
More than ever the Surrender part is the one that you learn to practice and be at in this now.
Allow Universe/God brings the beautiful uknown at your door step and you will discover that it was really worth it!
I Am Your Higher Self and I Love You.