Nikos Akrivos

Here is a nice Q&A about healing we had with a friend today.

Here is a nice Q&A we had today with a friend that asks support for some friends:

Friend :Nikos, can you send some healing energy to X?He is really not in a good mental state, very skinny, sad and very addicted still.And also to XX . She has cancer and needs to get treatment the following weeks and months.

Nikos :i can but instead of you asking for it, they must be the ones asking otherwise they do not receive and we both get karmic debt.Instead i invite you to do the following with me :visualize them in their own pure Lightin this now.Visualize them 100% healthy. See them moving on in their journey with ease and grace. See them in a green emeraude ray of healing as we ask the Angels to support them in their journey and if they want help all they need to do is ask and it will be given, but we can not mess up with their free will.💚🙏ps. it is very important to see them as capable as we were/are to get on with the energies and step out of the fear/disease mode.if we did it, they can also do it.that is how Jesus performed his miraclesbecause everyone believed so and Jesus saw them as they are in their Pure Light.

Friend I do that every day already … for X I have been doing that for 3,5 years now. For XX I see it clearly as welljust don’t know when what I see will occur.I always pray and say : I know they are strong enough! let their strength come out even more so they can save themselves and be happy and enjoy life just as I enjoy mineI know they can!!

Nikos :…even if you ‘know’, this does not mean they will 100% because it is up to them in their own plan to take action…practising detachement for expected results is the only way of unconditional love…in other words send them love and let go and let God.

Friend :By “knowing” I mean “feeling” and I send them love and light every day…Don’t interfere with anything…It’s like the birth of a bird out of an egg or a butterfly out of its cocoon. They need to struggle for their own (re)birth for them to be strong enough for the future.

Nikos :yes when you feel it, you help the collective not just them .Individual cases depend only on how each feel for themself…your power can not be transferred, they must do the work and give birth. Don’t worry, if they are already going through their dark night of the soul , it means they are already on their path. Darkness showing itself is a good sign. it is the only thing we can rejoice for now,for everything in Life because Light shows more darkness .

Meditate and Celebrate.