Hello,this is God.

Hello,this is God experiencing Life through this body, mind and spirit complex.
And I Am here to create out of thin air -which even though it appears empty to my human eyes, I know it is everything but empty, I Know it is filled with the Divine Essence of Love and Light just As I Am, just as We All Are, just as All that is is – what I feel is necessary for the highest good for all.
And so if you feel like keep on reading let’s Do this Together, skip what you don’t like and send me and add what you do like.It all goes in the field and my Higher Self has already said yes ,if it serves the highest good for all 😉
Every time i say these words :’’I Am my I Am Presence and I Am One with the I Am Presence of All Humanity’’ ,I Am inviting The Higher Selves of each child, woman and man to join us in this manifestation and since it is for the highest good for all, they all are in agreement and therefor there is no need to ask for permission.

And since there is only NOW WE begin:

’I Am my I Am Presence and I Am One with the I Am Presence of All Humanity’’

I Create a Loving and Forgiving planet.

I Create Free Energy to be used for all needs.

I Create Free Health Care Systems using cutting edge non invasive technologies in true understanding of the Ascension process able to heal and rejuvenate each and everyone with ease, grace and flow everyone that wishes to Ascend in their physical bodies all over the planet.

I Create Free Mobility For All on the Planet.

I Create Basic Universal Income for everyone on the planet.

I Create that all Children and All Women and Men are safe and sound at all times doing what they love in life with abundance of whole foods and plenty of fresh clean water in homes of their liking wherever they wish to live on the planet.

I Create True Respect and Care for Mother Earth ,Reforestation of all lands and cities and Clean Oceans.

I Create New Earth educational systems that are fun and playful for all children and all ages to attend and learn with ease grace and flow.

I Create New Vegan and Raw Vegan Restaurants with new tastes to discover that raise our vibrational frequency

I Create 100% Healthy events where ALL Artists are able to express themselves, no matter their age to allow their innocent child come out and play with ease grace and flow in front of a good crowd that appreciates their creations.

I Create More Authenticity ,Love and Compassion in all relations.

I Create ease grace and flow for Galactic Contact.

I Create Abundance and Prosperity For everyone on the planet.
Everyone gets more than what they need and exactly what they want.

I Create more fun and playfulness and joyful moments for everyone on the planet in such way that all past memories that do no serve us any longer are gone and forgotten and out of our systems.

I Am God and I Remember why I Am here:
To enjoy the ride of being a deliberate creator and focus on the frequency of what I want, especially at those moments when nothing around me appears to be working as I Want.I Am God and I Know what I See is an illusion and I Can make this illusion become better for myself and / with /and for all of you who resonate with these words by focusing on feeling more on the frequency of WHAT I WANT.There is only now and I Am a magnet that brings this to me.I Am Enough Here and Now.

My 12 double strand DNA is fully activated, I Am my 5th Dimensional Self because I Say and Know So.

I Create using my emotions, good or bad , transmuting all through the Violet Fire of Saint Germain and assisted by always asking all The Light Beings to Manifest All That I wish to see Manifest before my eyes for my own pleasure because I Know I Am God, experiencing the unfolding and there is only Joy in that as I witness how my Vortex comes out and play with me.

And when i feel some resistance , I know all i have to do is go within and attune myself to my true nature of GOD BEING CREATOR CREATING CREATIONS IN MY NOW.

I Am God and with God, I Am.

Feel More Than Fine Always!

(just another way to say Be Loving no matter what arises)

Nikos Akrivos

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