Healthy Dance Events -The New Underground Is Here.

Educational programs to ban for ever the existence of any kind of toxins -such as alcohol,drugs,cigarettes,meat etc- in our world and specifically in the clubbing and dance scenes are being put in place as we talk.
This is one of the New Earth Realities taking full effect as Humanity becomes aware of its holiness.
Such a program is Feel More Than Fine/The Party that Nikos Akrivos,Dj & Holistic Life Coach, has been experimenting on since 2010 , kickstarted in Ibiza.

‘From the day i discovered the negative aspect of alcohol specifically in my body it made even bigger sense to me that there is something wrong in our world.One drop of alcohol is enough to take us away from our divinity and connection with higher self.It has been very hard work to share this message with the clubbing scenes.

My Greek ancient ancestors used to celebrate by drinking fruit juices and eating raw vegan food while being entertained with their favourite music of that time.I am doing the same thing,the only difference is that i have spent the most amazing times of my life in Ibiza for the last 18 years where Electronic Dance Music is the queen.We had few people attending our events,not more that 20 but all of them felt the positive effects of it,the next morning they wake up.No secondary effects and a great happy sensation that lasted for few days as most have witnessed.
We are now ready to take it to the next level as humanity awakens ,there are so many reasons to celebrate brothers and sisters,join our community right here to  learn more or be part of our events across the world.