Healthy Celebration

Being in the dancing scene as DJ and Performer for over 15 years in and stumbling across this article about 5 reasons why the most dangerous drug is not illegal ,i felt it was the right time to once again share the other side of the coin,my personal work I’ve been doing since 2010 in continuing the celebration as to keep on dancing in inspiring and  healthy ways, called also:

Feel More Than Fine -The Party.


Feel More Than Fine Workshops.

Here you can discover some moments of  past events,it is a truly a Super High Vibrational ,  5th Dimensional experience  when  all participants are dancing while their body mind spirit complexes are free of any toxins.


Feel More Than Fine in Cologne,Germany.

Flow with the Masters ,Yoga in Amsterdam.


And latest co-creation in Antwerp City,Contemporary Dancing!

Keep on Dancing!