Go Vegan.

Manu V Pleiadian is a beloved sister that is doing fantastic work in raising consciousness for The Animal Kingdom that is in service for humanity transmuting all energies.They are the one without voice and I feel grateful to Many that is The Voice for All Of Them.

Here is an email she has sent to Keshe Plasma Tech with few links.

We are a dedicated group of planetary healing activists contacting prominent organizations which also have as their main goal the overall wellbeing of our planet

In your Agriculture workshop intro video we’ve noticed at 0:32 sec a list you have created and are offering to assist with Keshe Plasma Tech

the one particular category which draw our attention was



when we read LIVESTOCK Management we were quite surprised that Keshe Foundation is not yet up to date about the most devastating agriculture form for our entire planetary ecosystems which is

Animal Farming, LARGE and Small ALIKE

whether factory farmed or family owned small far

organic or not

hence we are inviting your organization to Join our movement of truly help liberate this planet from all ecocide, suffering, exploitation and disease cause by animal farming and industries

for your educational data base we are enclosing all the necessary information

inviting you to take part of the largest movement already in full progress

the very word “livestock” gives away the fact that continuing to promote the exploitation of SENTIENT BEings for human profit, not need we need to come together and step forward in the right direction all together

please remember and consider that humans have been considered and continue to remain “livestock” for the elite

in order to earn our FREEdom we need to unplug from our speciest tendencies and FREE the beings in our plates, we unnecessarily use and exploit

and this is the very pinnacle of our EVOLution and by which we will be taken seriously by any other advanced galactic race

if we remain unable to see the sanctity in ALL living beings then we are not ready for the stars yet where countless billions of varied galactic races co exist in peace and harmony

we no longer need to incarcerate, domesticate, exploit and kill innocent sentient beings in order to live healthy long lives

in fact we never did…

as we liberate children from exploitation so should we do with the REST of God’s children in animal form

at 7 billion and growing human population and even less, there is no such thing as “sustainable” animal agriculture

PLANT BASED agriculture remains our Only way out

our planet is ready to be completely healed

we have all the necessary knowledge, research, technology and desire to become an exemplary world

we are ENORMOUSLY GRATEFUL for all that KESHE Foundation is doing for this world and only due to your reputation, integrity and high living morals, ethics principles we feel that your organization needs to upgrade its Agricultural education programs

Please feel free to use any of our materials for your curriculum as a donation for Keshe Foundation Agricultural Programs

in an ever expanding Creation, living by immutable principles is the only way to proper self organizing our lives:

Do Not Kill

Do No Harm

Do onto others, ALL others what you’d want others to do onto you

Live and let live

If we could live long, healthy, happy Lives without harming Others why wouldn’t we?

Thank you!

AGN Veg Team

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for 5000 years this Himalayan tribe has thrived on plant based foods


world’s longest living canine was on a plant based diet http://www.care2.com/greenliving/vegetarian-dog-lives-to-189-years.html

the oldest living (known) human lived on rice herbs and rice wine plus spiritual practices


even gladiators were vegan