Galactic Council Building a Pyramid Equipped with a Dance Floor, DJ Setup, Fire Pit In The Center.

Archangel Uriel ~ Gold Grid Ascension Report: Pyramid Contruction, Part 2

By Archangel Uriel, 05/26/2016

Light Of The Immortals Status. Gold Grid Ascension Report.

Love Has Won!

Particle Accelerator, Super Charged Cells. In The Immortal Class Healing Of The Electromagnetic Light Spectrum. Gold Grid Provides Quantum Energy For Crystalline Bodies To Transform At An Accelerated Rate. By Increasing The Vibrational Frequency Of Each Atom, To The Maximum Potential Of The God Particles And Beyond Into The Omniverse.

The Galactic Grand Council Has Now Decided To Build A 33′ Foot Tall Pyramid In The Center Of The Gold Grid. As A Healing Chamber For All Light Workers. Equipped with a Dance Floor, DJ Setup, Fire Pit In The Center, With Sacred Geometrical Formed Water, And The Twelve Tribes/12 DNA Symbols Engraved Upon The Pyramid. That Is To Be Built With Fire, Wood, Air, Water, And Spirit Materials. The Pyramid Will Be Built Out Of Wood, Sacred Geometry of The Octagon In Shape (8, Sacral Chakra, Creation, Manifesting, Infinite), Lined With Copper Metal Wire, With Water Lines Forming The Triad, And The Fire Pit At The Center. Music Provides The Vibration, The Dance Floor Provides Those Who Come In Spirit (The Light Of Love) And Dance To Let It All Go And Dance In Celebration Of Your Divine Presence, Charging The Particle Accelerator (Pyramid) To A Super Cell Charged Particle Chamber. Where All Within This Fields Energies, Are Healed And Cells Super Charged. The Tip Of The Pyramid Is A Large Amethyst Crystal Of Saint Germaine/12th Tribe Of Israel/12th Strand Of DNA/Tribe Of Manasseh. This Is The Alchemical Atomic Transformation Of Human Cells Into SuperCells. This Will Be A Healing Chamber For All Those Coming Into The Light. Reactiving The Avatar To Its Super Status Of God And Goddess Particles. Like The Northern Lights. Auras Are Beginning To Form In The Sky At The Center Of The Gold Grid. Super Vortex Of Energy, Created For Every Light Worker To Be Healed NOW. All Is Well Dear Ones. It Is Now In The Process. Blessings To All. Namaste <3

Like The Nesting Of The Platonic Solids, Each Piece Of The Gold Grid Is The Nesting Of A Grander Heart Based Technology. We Are One. Love Has Won.

-Archangel Uriel