Multiple Sources are confirming that the only reason the funds for assisting humanity are delayed is because of the Alliance deliberately doing this for reasons of security and safety. (1) (2).And while i totally understand this,i also know deep on my heart that Prime Creator has already released them to reach all of us,what belongs to God belongs to each and everyONE of His/Her Sons and Daughters.We Light workers need to understand deeper in our beings that Vibration shifts and rises constantly on the planet and whatever is being read or witnessed in any inter has nothing to do with what really is taking place on our New Earth reality really.We are the ones creating it every now and while it is good to get out there and check the ‘news’ the most important work to do is to FEEL into what FREEDOM does in our and all people’s lives right NOW.This is what is all about:FREEDOM to allow smooth Ascension process for each and everyONE.There is no need to focus on what is happening out there,while i must agree quite exciting while i eat my organic pop corn but then again it is all about the way i feel within me that creates my reality every now.

I observe less and i imagine more and so i feel more right NOW.And so this is my invitation to you to feel into what Freedom DOES with the NESARA/GESARA funds being released getting Basic Universal Income for everybody and all means to release Free Energy Inventions,to create and distribute Celestial Chambers/Mebdeds,to create Eco Sustainable Autonomous Communities (and The Venus Project?),to Clean the Rivers & Oceans,to Reforest all land across the planet,to offer Safe Havens for all Animals to live the lives they deserve too,to create awesome mobility going from Electric Vehicles to Hover Car and Anti Gravity Vehicles,to create an environment where all Children and all Women and Men are Safe and Sound at all times and to assist all Charities to do better work in their respective fields,to assist each and everyone get the roof of their liking over their heads and to create amazing gardens all over the planet for abundance of Whole Organic Foods and clean water for each and everyone and to create Intergalactic Station where some of the smaller ships of our Galactic Families can land and so we begin open contact in the backyard of our new homes maybe?when i speak about those things with those around me,most of the time i loose the connection with them because most are entrapped in the 3d illusion that is playing out and if you managed to read this far,it means that you are receiving this information with open heart and that you already know in your heart in this now how FREEDOM feels.


The way we truly Free Ourselves as Aware Light Workers is by feeling into our FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY FROM A PLACE OF JOY AND LOVE EMANATING FROM WITHIN in the NOW.We are the ones creating IT with the assistance of all Light Beings and Mother Father GOD that are right by our side supporting us,inspiring us,assisting us,loving us,acknowledging us wherever we go,whatever we do with who ever we do it at all times.(3)

It is simply a question of easying the process from within by FEELING FREE in OUR NOW because timelines are shifting and as they shift vibrations speak louder than any words .

We FREE ourselves right now by CELEBRATING right now our victory of LIGHT and intel will follow that shows the result of our Collective VORTEX of creation,i promise you that!!!NOT CONDITIONAL HAPPINESS BUT AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS IN THE HERE AND NOW FROM WITHIN OUT.

We are that powerful and I KNOW IT!


Namaste Dear Ones.

I Love You All!





(3)Infinite Gratitude for Abraham Hicks for these words that express fully Feel More Than Fine for which btw i got the insight back in 2003,long before i start reading Abraham Hicks,i guess this is how Law of Attraction works :))))))