Forgiveness,Unconditional Love & Violet Fire.

To forgive is not an easy thing.Agreed!To witness a brother or sister insulting and hurting seniors or even parents ,not easy to forgive.A brother or a sister blackmailing or killing another brother or sister or even worst raping and killing children,not easy to forgive.However necessary if one desires to get out of the perpetual wheel of karma being blocked between earth and astral plane for thousands of years.13,000 to be more precise.And humanity is starting to awake to this truth now.There is such beauty to be discovered when one finally chooses to use unconditional love and violet fire.This is a choice that humanity is facing right now.And let me get this straight to the point!When DNA is manipulated by an alien specie(Annunaki etc.) in order to enslave humans to serve them and doing everything they can to keep them asleep and not wake up to their Godness within (cabal,illuminati) while operating in absolute secret ways in the shadows as to not be witnessed by anyone is a difficult pill to swallow.Yet,a necessary one as it allows forgiveness to become easier.And this is exactly what it means to see things from a higher perspective.From the moment that Truth hits our neurones,as hard as it can be,it liberates us and sets a new start in our lives in order to see our magnificence and beauty within as EVERY Human being is pure Love and Light and nothing else.This is to wake up from the illusion played around us on a daily basis.An yes Humanity we are receiving huger support from benevelontant galactic beings called Arcturians,Pleiadians,Andromedans and so many more brothers and sisters of the pure light to help us be successful into this experiment called ASCENSION as we are the only ones living on a surface of a planet instead of living inside it.(see Hollow Earth).So make up your mind and FORGIVE FORGIVE FORGIVE everything that has been done to you.FORGIVE AND BLAZE THE VIOLET FIRE AND LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!DO THIS FREQUENTLY AND JOYFULLY,MAKE THE CHOICE TO ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH TO ALWAYS FEEL GOOD WITH YOUR CHOICES AT ALL TIMES!

Nikos Akrivos