Flying Dreams

butterflies on sand
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

It is quite amazing what i experience lately in my dreams in a lucid state, which to my innerstanding is a reality taking place in the astral (4D) and according to how it feels, it can be a possibility of it manifesting in the physical. Will we be able to fly with our physical bodies in the future? i want to believe that yes, it is so. So here is my dream :

I was in a car and while coming out of the car without shoes i realized i don’t feel like making my feet wet. It is quite funny scene because as people watched me walking barefoot and i jumped above a small water lake not to get my feet too wet, instead of landing i continued flying. People started looking at me with wonder and curiosity and me in the back of my head, oh my God what will people think of me if they see me flying like that? till i realized that it does not matter what any one thinks of me and continued along my flight without even thinking on touching the wet street with my feet and without feeling any guilt about feeling so good flying. This definetely describes my current state of living in the physical. I definetely don’t pay attention to what anyone thinks of me as i know deep within that how i feel is the most important thing and service i can offer for the highest good for all. My actions and way of beingness may surprise more than a few as a i flow in the feeling good state. They may say or call me all kind of names. Does it matter? definetely not. The only thing i have control of is the way i feel and i make sure to keep my vibrations high 24/24 by sending out the intention to be the open door of Divine Love to flow through my being at all times no matter where i am, what i do and with who ever i am with always assisted in through and around by Mother Father God and The Company of Heaven. Everything else takes care of itself. That’s my journey. I am in Love with The Self and in Love with All Life. And it reflects in my dreams. Flying dreams that are about to manifest in the physical, maybe not in the same way as i dream it, yet knowing fully as I Fly, all Life flies with me and One person connected to source is more powerful than millions who are not. So wherever you stand in your journey i invite you to keep doing what you love, loving what you do and doing what you love and dream dream dream big. Dream flying dreams too. Then we can fly together. Caterpillar time is over. We are butterflies in a wider Galactic Society.

Much Love