Feel Tank!

As we progress into the implementation of The Quantum Financial System all across the globe (NESARA, GESARA) i like to share with you one of the fundamental ways we be will working as a group at Feel More Than Fine on finding solutions – for any issue we will be facing while moving forward for Free Energy Release of Technologies ,for distribution of Celestial Chambers ,locally then globally, for local issues in Greece in day to day assistance for The Highest Good For All,expanding in our communities in Belgium ,Ibiza Spain and Feel More Than Fine Africa and Uganda – it will be that instead of coming together to think of solutions we will come together to meditate and instead FEEL into the frequency of the solution.I,myself,have been using this technique for many years now for manifesting wishes and desires and along with my partners we have been working only in this way to find solutions.Our so far experience has proven to work as we observe in our realities,while giving us ample time to live our lives without having to be concerned about immediate things that seem problematic rather accepting the way our common desire manifests.This is the best that Deliberate Creation may offer.I like to also say here that i have been receiving requests from various humanitarian organizations to assist with tackling problems and i noticed they are all using this older 3d model of thinking tank,that while it may provide solutions it does not take in consideration The Ascension process which is the true reason and the root of our existence in this time space reality.And this is something that needs radical change and it will change as more and more of those of us who are indeed aware of these changes will be coming together as groups in LightWorkers Congresses to bring solutions to any issue with ease and grace.To this i need also to mention that while i expect great issues to be solved quite fast this way,the true miracle will be when the younger ones,the children will be coming forward and we as adults truly listen to their solutions and wondering to ourselves ‘how come we did not think of this earlier?’.So at Feel More Than Fine we will be having 2 powerful models to bring solutions one will be THE FEEL TANK and the other one THE KIDS TANK!

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos