feel more than fine=to vibe higher and higher.

The realization that we don’t need validation from any one in the outer world and instead focusing on the way we feel within at all times is a huge step forward in taking back our power of leading our lives as Source Energy Beings. That has been ‘the battle’ all along in 3rd dimensional existence while in the 5th dimension it is all about embodiment of the Divine / IAM Presence and Divine Neutrality.

Simply put, the awareness of the shift from 3D to 5D within is a gradual one day by day as we keep on doing the good work going within for at least 15-20 daily. It is the gradual absorption of more Light that tranforms our carbon based cells to crystalin ones and while there are almost no scientific tools to prove that as yet(in process as more technologies are being released) , one can truly feel this as alignement with Source, alignement in allowing more Love to penetrate one’s existence the more one trusts the process. It is such a gift to discover the beauty of non resistance and life gets so much easier and fun when we operate from that level. It is enough just to Be Present and Be Aware of The Presence that is breathing through the body. From that space we are at service for the highest good wherever we are, with who ever we are whatever we do. With long enough practice and just few conscious breaths one feels tangibly the frequency within: I can do anything i want from that space as from that space thoughts and ideas come at all times from my Highest Self. Where i focus my mind upon expands instantly. There is no need to really study anything, as all information that i need any given moment enters my being first as a vibration that later gets translated into words and actions and manifestations of all kind including books or channelings that i simply resonate with, that i simply call my truth. That is also what we call inspired action.

Can you imagine a space where inspired action happens all of the time? All actions here are divinely guided and all actions here serve the whole and all actions feel more than fine. This is what we call the gift. This is what we call The Present. This is Present. This is Now 🙂

I invite you to make it to your intention to vibe higher and higher, to make it your intention to Feel More Than Fine always and everything will flow with ease and grace in your life at all times. Nothing is more important than to feel good. And there is no need for external validation for that. Just within:

Thank You God and Legions of Light throughout eternity for your constant support all times.

IAM Appreciation of what is IAM.

IAM Eager of what is coming IAM.

IAM Ease, Grace and Flow IAM.

IAM Love, Light, Truth IAM.

IAM Feeling More Than Fine IAM.

And So It Is”

Nikos Akrivos