Feel More Than Fine Always?

The intention of this website is to share high vibrational messages that remind each and everyone of you that you are indeed the creator of your reality.For over 16 years now,my philosophy in life and ways i live it has always been and is to no matter what arises to choose for the option that feels good,that feels more than fine!And here i must admit and i am with each and everyone of you that there comes these moments in life- and especially now with the ever increasing ‘doses’ of Love and Light coming from the Central Galactic Sun,Mother God also called ‘The Tsunami of Love’ there is so much purification and cleansing that takes within our bodies and cells ,releasing old memory carbon cells to be replaced by new and fresh and ‘advanced technology’ crystalline cells- that strong emotions of the lower scale appear again,like anger or sadness or at times can be fear-especially during our lucid dream states- which only means that i need to be able to see it,accept it and REMEMBER to release it by using The Transmuting Violet Fire of Saint Germain calling upon all beings of Light that i feel too.I am usually calling upon all of them,the Archangels and all company of heaven and Mother Father God,i like to bring together all our Light Family including our Galactic Sisters and Brothers.And yet i know,the final work is only mine to do,about raising and sustaining my vibration within the now as God Being Creator that I know I AM,living an experience in this Ascending Human Body that I Celebrate every moment =I Feel More Than Fine always!Yes,my body is asking for this special attention and care which i take time to give by walking in nature and by feeding myself properly with high vibrational foods and drinks and purified water,i say,thank you body,thank you all the trillions cells in my body for doing all the needs to be done and i jump into celebrating again the now.This is amazing times we live in sisters and brothers,Rejoice and Celebrate Your Now every moment.

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There is a lot of information that can bring more light in understanding what Ascension means and of course,never forget that we are all different and the symptoms can varie from another.Some can be in very strong pain and others very happy,it is all a choice of how one chooses to feel in the now when new uknown sensations ‘hit’ the body,mind,spirit complex.

Much Love and Blessings in All Ways Always in Joy and Gratitude

Feel More Than Fine Always 🙂


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