Expand to Understand – MOTHER GOD

Imagines 7 billion people waking up to the fact that there is no bad or good.Everything and everybody labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘dark’ was created to fulfill its purpose of existence.Even what we call ‘cabal’.Everything and everybody labeled as ‘good’ was created to fulfill its purpose of existence.’Bad & Good’ creating a polarity on the planet in order to experience a low density reality also called 3dimensional and 4th dimensional which were both based on ego & material possessions.This has lasted for the last 13,000 Years.When we remain peaceful and calm in the core of our being,our ego still exists but this time it is in service of our heart and when we accept this truth by remaining present in the moment being grateful for what is and eager for what is unfolding,practising kindness,compassion and unconditional love 24/24 it is all is requested in this timeline while Earth and Her Children are Ascending together in the 5th Dimension and Beyond rushing towards The Golden Age of our Humanity’s existence NEVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE EVER.

I invite you to both read and   listen to this message from Mother Sekhmet followed by Mother God. She delivers a transmission intended to bring amazing  healing understanding to you and to Earth at this important moment.




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