Evolution through my perspective.

This post, like all other of my posts is not about being right at all cost.Some of you may resonate and some may not.If this doesn’t talk to you then please use your discernment and skip what you don’t resonate with.The absorption of Light in our bodies with our crystalline cells now fully activated happens through the gift of conscious breath practised during meditation state.The more one makes it a habit to go into the sacred space, the easier it becomes for the body to absorb and assimilate light.This is evolution.This is what is taking place within everyone right now.For those that are not aware, it happens with a much slower rhythm, this does not mean they don’t evolve.Everybody is evolving on the planet right now, aware or not.Everybody is a creator and so it is vital to respect each and everyone on their journey even if what we witness is not in agreement with what we believe.The name of the game Radical Acceptance.Everyone has their own needs and only each and everyone one knows for themselves what these needs are.Hydration of the body is vital ,drink at least 6-8 cups of pure filtered water daily.Body needs less food and more light and so it is important to give the body all these green fresh organic foods that contain cloro-phylle. Green juice every morning such Spirulina and Wheatgrass in a glass of juice is awesome for the body.You will feel the well being immediately.Participating in global meditations as for example for eradicating a pandemic is also a powerful way to serve the highest good for all from the comfort of your house.It works and it is a win win situation.Our science is slowly discovering what i am talking about here.When this becomes a common knowledge and medical stuff accepts that every human is electromagnetic being that has the ability to protect the body mind spirit complex through a shield created in their Auric field ,more will become aware that resistance to change is the reason for any disease and when body mind spirt vibrates highs for example when one is aligned with their Higher Self/God within this itself creates a protective field that no low vibrational energies can penetrate name it 5G etc.This is why it is also vital to spend time in nature for at least 1 hour a day, leave your androids/iphones at home walking barefoot & hugging trees for example to truly have authentic connection with nature and hear The song of New Earth with Our Hearts.
Much Love