Emptying Our Vessel To Receive More Love & Light

To be an empty vessel,receiving the infinite amount of love from our Supreme Creator is the number one priority in these times of our evolution.The pure knowledge that this Tsunami of love reaches its climax on June 20th 2016(3rd Wave of Ascension announced by Archangel Michael) is another great opportunity to step away from the hustle bustle of every day life and reach for the God/Goddess In Self with prayer,meditation,eating and drinking light or even better fasting.This is the time that every human on Earth has been waiting in the core of our being.There are those who have awakened into this  and doing the work into self,being a beacon of Light and expressing God by being present in the here and now for everybody else who are not aware of this.They are also  ‘Bridge Workers’ channeling the energies towards Earth creating a connection with Heaven that helps to uplift all existence on the planet to the 5th Dimension.

Remembering our purpose of existence is bringing us close to the agreement we made before incarnating on the planet and our Guides/Angels are always by our side supporting in the unseen with  all the help we need in order to help us follow the path of truth while respecting of course our free will to a certain extend as our mind can not always perceive what is right or wrong

Feeling good in the core of our being is a signal that we are going to the right direction.

This feeling gets developed when we take the time to create enough space in self.

So meditation is the key.And when combined with laughter it helps raise our vibration closer to the source.There are many other ways to raise our vibration of course with movevement,some yoga,some Chi Gung,some Reiki or simply running ,doing pilates in a holistic way or dancing preferably barefoot and voiceless.

So this is again another reminder for all sisters and brothers on the surface of the planet to join into this action in finding The God/Goddess in self.

This is the time that we going through the hole of the niddle that our brother Sananda aka Jesus has talked about.The money in our accounts are not being taken in consideration.The time we take  truly dedicating ourself into receiving The Golden Rain of Love & Light from Father/Mother God is what matters.

We are sovereign of our being and we are doing this for our personal evolution which is by the way the best way to help somebody on the other side of the planet.

On the other side of the niddle lies a beautiful reality that our minds are not able to conceive right now and those we are doing the work in Self are getting to be there within our physical bodies.

Infinite Abundance in Peace,Love,Joy,Freedom,Excellente Health and Laughter to All.

1 Wish for All of you who read this message:

Feel More Than Fine In The Core Of Our Being.



Gabriel Raphael

(Nikos Akrivo’s Higher Self)