Each person is critical to the plan, to the awakening. Each person has the responsibility as a galactic citizen to realize who they are and to step into the place which radiates love and gratitude.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ A Game of Conscious Evolution

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We have shared with you that this is a time of unparalleled opportunity, that all eyes are focused on your planet. Humanity on your planet has the grand opportunity to awaken from the illusion. Many realities and dimensions are watching. because what happens here will affect the whole; will affect those realities and those dimensions. What happens here will affect the galactic family.

We begin this by sharing that there is much work to be done. We will also say there is much work being done across your globe. There are those awakened and looking around with new eyes. There are those who are awakening with fear and confusion. There are those of you who are awake and aware. It is your hands that will reach out to the others who are ready.

We have called you and those like you Bright Ones for it is your light, your energy, your radiance that precedes you. These are times of great shifts and changes on your planet. This is on every level and at every stage. You can sense or feel it.

Mass consciousness has been controlled through fear by your religions, your leaders, by your systems and your schools. These have been the programs, the vibrations that have been offered and have been taught. Everyone has been taught separation, prejudice, hatred, violence, mistrust, lack and scarcity. This is the undercurrent that runs through your planet.

Each human, each being, has the opportunity to realize their divineness, their connection with the whole, their connection with divine mind. Each human, each being at every moment, in every exchange has the opportunity to shift and uplift the connection.

They can continue to add to the fear, mistrust, and prejudice by their thoughts, words, deeds and actions or they can claim their divineness, their wholeness, their belonging to the all, belonging to the oneness. This is what is taking place in this moment of time here on your planet. All are observing from many realms…uncertain of the outcome.

Each person is critical to the plan, to the awakening. Each person has the responsibility as a galactic citizen to realize who they are and to step into the place which radiates love and gratitude. Everywhere, there are those awakening to this purpose. This is an evolutionary shift in consciousness, it is critical to the survival of your planet.

Everyone is more aware of the total connectedness. Your internet is serving as an example of communication, like the energy communication from other dimensions. Earth is very much like the reflection in physical matter of the energetic patterns and geometric shapes carried by the frequencies, the vibrations through the dimensions.

Think of the dimensions not so much as going up but more like nested together, one inside the other, each in turn affecting the other. What happens in the galaxy ripples from the movement of the stars and is manifest on your planet. What happens on your planet, the energy from mass consciousness, ripples and is received by the galaxy. It is all one.

You as a human, with a body; carry within yourself a reflection of the stars, moon and sun. You carry an aspect, a reflection, an interface with the galaxy. Remember this is a game of evolution, a game of consciousness, a game which allows all energetic signatures to be experienced. You, as human, are like the most sophisticated, refined, highly developed probe that could be designed. You are information gatherers, sensing, feeling and ever-expanding from Divine Mind. Planet Earth has been a wonderful extension of Divine Mind.

The human body co-joined by spirit, interfacing with all possibilities, all emotional experiences, all thought forms, this is the incredible journey and opportunity in which non-physical beings long to participate. You are one of those selected to be in the wave, this group experience. Divine Mind is ever expanding through you and your experience.

The human body co-joined by spirit has capabilities that have not even been revealed at this time. There are those with whom these abilities were more visible, and they are called your avatar, your Christ. All humans have the same connections, the same abilities, the same qualities and the same programs to work with energy and with this physical reality in a more advanced, aware, awake way. The goal is to realize and activate the latent abilities to align group energy and group mind with the galaxy and with mother earth, all in one energetic flow, an example of nested realities.

We and many like us are contacting the “receptive ones,” encouraging this shift within.

Each person adds to the grid of consciousness. They add to the fear or the love. It is always your choice. Each time you choose fear, worry, mistrust, prejudice or judgment, you are assisting the old paradigm to remain. Each time you choose love, joy, gratitude or any higher vibrational emotions, you are assisting the new paradigm to manifest.

This is a game. We are in the last quarter, it is a close game. It has been played out for thousands of years. Your earth and all life forms have suffered and are close to total destruction.

There has been cosmic support assisting humanity to awaken. There are codes within each being, each human, that are being activated.  Awareness is expanding. There is a waking up from the illusion that you are powerless. You are each masters; highly qualified, skilled beings who have cloaked themselves with flesh and stepped into a dimension, a reality, a game…in order to transform the energy as the Alchemist.

The energy consciousness of Divine Mind vibrates, moves, shifts and flows through all.

Each one is responsible to wake and realize their part in this energetic flow. Each one is responsible for the thoughts, feelings and actions that they put forth into this grid. Do you put forth fear, hatred and chaos ~ or joy, love and peace?

Each moment it is your choice as to what you send forth. Practice sending forth only your best. Practice breathing, walking, sleeping and interacting as joy, love and peace.

Invite and call forth divine support in transforming events and energy that is negative and misqualified, harmful and hate filled. Focus your prayers and energy and send your love and light as the energy that will transform it all.

Begin by loving yourself. Begin by honoring yourself. Then love and honor others.

We bathe you in our love and we honor who you are. Be at Peace Beloved, the ‘team’

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