Current situation withIN and withOUT observed from my personal perspective

Dear Reader,

there comes a time that an update of the current situation withIN and withOUT  observed from  my personal perspective is necessary and this is one of these times.

The continuous arrival of higher energies of Love and Light that are now constantly pouring upon Earth touching everything having breath  are bringing about a huge transformation of what we call reality.

A little follow up of the blogs and channeled messages i am sharing on my website will give you more clarity in understanding and also attuning to this change.

Of course,you don’t need to read everything,the main effort should be about being present in the now,being able to listen this inner voice within giving direction of what should be Your next move as deliberate Co-Creator In Joy.

At times the mind will try to bring us back to old manifested scenarios and our work at this time is to be able to focus constantly on the very things we want to occur in our reality and not the repetition of something that has already manifested or being done.

Keeping the body alkaline can help for a better focus.

Meditation should be a day activity same way we brush our teeth or take a shower every day.

A basic discipline to appreciate and love the self on a daily basis is essential.

Talking about the very things we want and completely forget the past also essential.Past exists only in our minds.

And i am talking about those of you that wish to Ascend in your bodies and be part of the golden Age of our existence as Humanity.As those who don’t most probably are not reading these lines.And if you just happen to become aware,you are always free to keep on reading or not as this is the only Free Will Planet in the Universe.

The signs of worldwide peace are becoming more apparent each and every day.This is the condition to move to the next stage as a collective.Accept and love each other with our differences and always intend to find harmony even with those that we feel we don’t resonate at all.Finding the missing piece and making peace,start from within and spread out.

The global meditations we do are helping to fine-tune the desire for worldwide peace.It is an every day conscious effort and work or Light Work.This is what dedicated Light Workers do:they meditate and they ask for support to Mother Father God,Angels,Archangels and Ascended Masters and directing their laser of Love to where is needed.1 conscious person can touch 1 million.8,000 conscious persons affect for the better 8 billion.This is why our global 8,000 meditation and a commitment to participate every day is essential.We have now reached 15,000 and the numbers are growing and for all of us who participate we feel the benefit of it at every level in our personal lives and around the globe.We are the change we want to see and it is happening from withIN .

So the withOUT is already the manifested and the manifested one can observe in amazing articles done be David Wilcock.Here is what the current situation is from his perspective with which i completely resonate(it is very long and worth reading).

From our side as dedicated Light Workers we continue our work every day at 3PM EST with the 8,000 global meditation and on Sundays with the Christ Light Expansion Meditaton,you can find complete schedule  Here: 

Humanity we start to remember why we are here and where we really come from.Listening to this message from Kryon will help you understand more.

Indeed it takes a lot  of study and internal work and internal work is the real work we are meant to do during these unprecedented times,the time of struggle is done if we choose so , the timeline of Ease and Grace  is here.Feel into it and ask your guides for support as what we think and feel manifests.

Powerful affirmations of The I Am Presence will create astonishing change in your life when practised on a daily basis.We are not here to face Reality,we are here to Create Reality with intention and determination.


A few affirmations of what I wish to share with you:

I Am Love,I Am.

I Am Light,I Am.

I Am All That I Am.

I Am Freedom,I Am.

I Am Peace,I Am.

I Am Unlimited,I Am.

I Am God/Goddess,I Am.

I Am The Highest Version of what i can be,do or have,I Am.

I Am The Highest Good For All,I Am.

I Am Abundant and Prosperous at all times,I Am.

I Am Divine Will,I Am.

I Am the Manifestation of my all desires and dreams,I Am.

I Am in possession of my beautiful spacious abundant eco sustainable 5th dimensional  Home,I Am.

I Am Transportation of all means respecting Mother Earth,I Am.

I Am Teleportation,I Am.

I Am Telepathy,I Am.

I Am Telekinesis,I Am.

I Am The Activation of Humanitarian Projects,I Am.

I Am Wealthy,I Am.

I Am in Excellent Health,I Am.

I Am in constant Gratitude,I Am.

The Pink Full Moon coming after this weekend will accentuate and bring about The Manifestation and Fulfilment of our Desires.

Btw even though i am not following astrology,i am a Scorpio and this is going to be Pink Full Moon in Scorpio.And God i love Pink!(picture from our latest indoor healthy dance event in Amsterdam)

I wish you all a constant perfect happy abundant prosperous  celebration of The New Multidimensional You.

Hold The line,Hold The Line,Hold The Line,

Feel The Joy,Feel The Joy,Feel The Joy!

Expect The Unexpected!

I Am All That I Am!

In Love and Light and Appreciation.

Thank You for taking time to read these lines.




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