Creative Abilities Summary.

This is a good moment to make a summary of the amazing changes taking place that i am aware of so far, from what is seen with our 5 senses out there and also beyond that.Please take what resonates with you and leave out everything that it doesn’t.Generally speaking :what feels good or shall i repeat what feels more than fine to you is of true value to you.

To me the ability to create with more effectiveness,meaning that I do not have to wait for it to come,rather being on the feel more than fine frequency of it becoming,feeling it in the now and as much as possible during the course of my days and then seeing it taking place before my very eyes or observing signs that are very close to this means everything in my practice as intense deliberate creator :”You are abandoning your life as it was in 3D and pondering life beyond COVID-19.Perhaps such a shift does not seem that important, for you have accepted your new reality”

And granted there have been some serious delays in what i want in my personal life for my highest good =the highest good for all seen through my filter while understanding that my soul is the one guiding the process for the lessons to be learned and then again knowing fully that indeed IAM the creator of my reality,means that i allow more of who I really AM to flow through me and bring me an avalanche of manifestations while intending to remain in a place of unconditional love at all times as The Arcturians share :

“I am ready to allow. To release the control I thought I had to maintain. To get out of my own way through letting go of concepts and beliefs that no longer serve my highest good. To accept that my Real Identity as an expression of Source already exists fully present as my safety and security, abundance, completeness and wholeness, creativity, guidance and direction, solutions, health, and everything embodied in Divine Consciousness.I no longer need to seek for what I already AM but rather allow that which I AM to express ITSelf as me.”

And lastly the message from AA Milchizedek saying ”you have to accomplish great good upon your planet and you are now in the times of the testing of these powers please be aware of this and after responsibly the days of reaction to what is occurring …”