Connection/Communion with your mentors. You can accelerate this by intentionally requiring it, most especially at the beginning and ending of your awake times, and by meditating.

January 23 2016

 “When our mentors come to greet us, will they be in the physical plane of existence, or in spiritual form? Thank You.” Jamie, CT
Ashtar: “First, it is that, as you continue to uplift, you are more and more in connection/Communion with your mentors. 
You can accelerate this by intentionally requiring it, most especially at the beginning and ending of your awake times, and by meditating.  

There are many forms of meditation, but they all are to take you beyond the confines of your physicalities, so as to be more free to make these high vibe connections. Thus it is that many of Humanity’s members are already engaged in these meetings.

“Next, I will say many of those who dwell in the Realms of Light are physically present in this World – below, on and above.  For instance, I, Ashtar, and my ships are here in your atmosphere, and many of my crew are embodied in human forms.  Some of you may indeed have a sensing of being a member of the Ashtar Command!  

“Although I remain totally in my Light body, there are mentors who have been and/or continue to be seen among you.  Examples are St Germain, Lady Nada and Mother Mary.  Although they are fully ascended, they have the ability to enter into human forms, thus moving about the 3D World.  Sometimes they are recognized, sometimes not, as they go about their missions of helping with bringing in the Golden Age, and with Planet Earth’s Ascension into Higher Dimensionality!”


“Hello Ashtar, how long time will it take to get Gaia poison free?” K.A.M, Sweden(?)

Ashtar: “In Truth, we are already cleaning up the excessive toxicities, such as some of the radiation and chem trails.  As Humanity’s consciousness raises more and more, we can do more – even before our presence here is ‘officially’ announced!  In this way we can assure you that Planet Earth will not die as a result of all the poisoning she has endured!

“Once our presence is openly acknowledged, we shall make available even more of our technologies to completely cleanse the World’s waters, soil and air.  All of this can be accomplished in a very short time as you measure it on your calendars, but we will require that people join with us as partners in this mission. The exact amount of time this cleansing will take depends upon the extent of their participation, and upon their becoming completely committed to maintaining Planet Earth’s pristine condition!!!”


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