Cities of Light

The First City of Light will begin in Sedona:The New Jerusalem.

Guidance for working with and grounding the Cities of Light

From Archangel Michael received through Lorraine McGovern on 7-2-15

We would ask that you visualize the beauty and pristine waters and land surrounding the City of Light and focus on anchoring this reality.

  • Go to the 13thOctave and ground your energies into the heart of Gaia. If you are not familiar with the 13thOctave, consider viewing the following video:
  • We would ask that you call upon the elemental kingdom, the mineral kingdom, and the angels and masters to join with you.
  • See the City as stable, see the City as whole, and then see the City as welcoming the universe.
  • Ask the universe to ground and anchor the City into the heart of Gaia and then into the heart of the universe and then into the multiverse.
  • See the City of Light within and without.
  • See the City of Light surrounded by its light body and its rainbow body.
  • See the City of Light as a reality and the universe rejoicing and centering itself in this area.
  • See the government as balanced internally and externally, as within, so without.
  • See the government balanced and whole and manifesting truth and wisdom and love.
  • See the peoples of the universe within this City building a just and balanced system that benefits one and all & the highest good for all.

Be assured that this can be done.  Be assured that it is already done.