Choosing Ease at all times.

The other day i went to the store for grosseries & since i never wear a mask, seller rushed to tell me to wear one…i did not resist nor did i comply…i took out a bandana i carry around & wear it under my nose , mostly around my neck while in the store. I could feel the frustration but mostly resistance of the seller claiming that if i don’t comply and get caught , shop will close for 2 weeks and pay 5000 euros fine. During that moment all i was thinking is : i can’t change people to please them, appreciate them where they are is giving me EASE. And so if you like me never wear a mask, remember that what mostly matters is to feel ease. It is not about us against them. That is what corrupt governments would like and by choosing to be at ease and at the same time not complying is A Master Creator Skill that works its magic.