Cheers As You Cross The Finish Line /Archangel Michael//Saint Germain

“You are the blessed messengers, the chosen deliverers of these blessings from God.  Regardless of what you might feel from time to time, you are ready for this.” ~ St. Germain
Archangel Michael:
Good day Family, it is your brother Michael, come to bring you cheers as you cross the finish line.   As I look out across the landscape of your community, I feel… how beautiful your words and feelings of camaraderie are to each other.  Your speaking with us here in the Company of Heaven has become more intimate and natural as well.  More and more you move into communicating and thinking as we do – closing the perceived “gap” with every kind word, loving intention and good deed.
I come to tell you that in this stretch before the moment you get the GO…every second is extremely precious.  How can I best explain? Breathe, relax and widen your perception as I speak.
Right now, all is super-condensed.  Even as you are expanding in the new Light, in this moment of time, experience and feelings are all intensified and squeezed.  Your personal history, your lessons and even your incarnated being is relatively compressed.  Collective reality is compressed.  It is all working like a giant loaded spring that is ready to boing upward with magnificent release, as the Light Brigade made up of Dinarland and the various Groups gain full access to the flow of Prosperity.  You see, you already have access now to the energies of Prosperity and Freedom.  How are you spending them?
Along with this compression come many useful opportunities.  With willingness, it is exceptionally easy right now to see your inner condition.  It is also exceptionally easy to perform any inner Spring Cleaning because what you intend happens in an instant, have you noticed?  The colossal energetic events of March have assisted in positioning you to take full advantage of these opportunities for your Ascension.  This is the Springtime of your incarnated existence.  And it is the precious moment before Spring-into-action-for-Earth.  And of course with the mighty vortex that has formed by and for those who are coming from within, this is about to be a big SPRING-UP like never before in the history of Earth!
To best get every drop of Goodness from this precious time before the release of this spring-loaded vortex is easy.  You just have to be willing to let what has been GO.  Get it?  Go within.  Look within. Be honest with yourself for God’s sake.  We are ready to assist.  Go in to your inner closet and be scrupulous with your choices.  If an attitude no longer fits in the new Light of this day, then toss it!  Do not save it for a day when it might fit again.  If a thought doesn’t serve God, Love, Light – chuck it on the pile.  Allow the angels to come and recycle it into something that can and will serve All in the Golden Era that has begun.
I leave off now with a big bear hug as you continue your Spring Cleaning.  Call upon us to help and support you.  No one has to do this cleanup alone.  We do urge you to use the precious opportunity of this compressed moment for maximum benefit for your healing, life-review, transformation, inner paradigm shift, Ascension. Your choices now will prepare and widen you to be the vessel of Love and Prosperity you have long readied yourself to be.  The countdown continues.  Ready.  Set….
I love you always,


St. Germain:
I, St. Germain, along with our divine and beloved Lady Kwan Yin, worked for centuries to prepare the funds for this time of release, but that is not the most important part of our journey together.  The spirit in which these blessings are given to the world will make all the difference in the way humanity responds to the massive changes that are coming.  As Michael has asked:  Have you done your inner spring cleaning, so that your ability to give with freedom is truly now a part of your being?  We will help you.  First, monitor yourself SO closely that you never allow even a whisper of fear or anxiety to enter your consciousness.  This is the kind of purity you can achieve even as you still experience the turbulent energies of this magnificent Shift of the Ages.
You are the blessed messengers, the chosen deliverers of these blessings from God.  Regardless of what you might feel from time to time, you are ready for this.  You were born for this; it is time to assume the bright mantle of God’s embrace, as you prepare your soul, as our dear Yosef has asked of all of you.  There may be moments during this transition when you feel a bit overwhelmed or thrown off balance by the enormity of what is happening.  Go gently, be easy with it all, and be sure to take good care to keep yourself remaining at ease and in balance.
The boing that Michael describes will take you to a new reality, a new way of seeing yourself and others, and a new way of being yourself in your new world.  We want to help you glide into that new reality with assurance that you will never be alone, and you are truly able to make this leap.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  You have prepared for this for many lifetimes.  We are more aware of your deep knowing and strong heart than you may remember yourself, and we know the strength and purity of soul that brought you to this moment.
You see, this is what we see as Earthly purity:  The ability – regardless of circumstances – to live without fear, or the toxic energies it generates.  Just that, dear Brothers and Sisters, will carry you though this transition time with grace and ease, no matter what condition you find yourself in.  This is the purity we feel when we join together in the great Earth Pillar of Light.  Pure Love.  We join you now, in joy and laughter.  Abundance is ours, Above and Below.  Know that when we join in this Vision, So it Is!  All the arrangements have been made.  The great banquet is prepared.  Let’s GO!

I am your St. Germain, in service to this great Earth Project: the Ascension of all humankind.  Namaste!

(St. Germain Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E. May;