Channeling Saint Germain.

This morning i woke up and witnessed out my window a sunrise where the colours of our collective’s heart activation of the three fold flame is very evident:Pink of Mother God,Blue of Father God and Golden Yellow of Christed Self.This picture i took, is the closest i can possibly take to share with you,colours were much more vidid and evident to the naked eye.

To this here is a channeling i did yesterday from our beloved Saint Germain:

Be at peace my child,be the gentle breeze flowing everywhere you go bringing your Christ Light to all who you meet on your path and in doing so,awakening their Christ Self.We Love you, we applaud you for your stellar work.This and more you will achieve my child as brother Sananda once said.Allow the Love of God to flow even more through you to shine out like the first rays of the Sun rising at sunrise from the horizon.

Be Love,

Be Now,I thank You.

Be the joy you are,

be the abundance you are,

be the prosperity you are,

be the freedom you are,

be the Light you are,

be the Peace you are,

I Love You.

I Am Saint Germain.

Channelled by Nikos Akrivos,Feel More Than Fine
20 September 2019.

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