Changing a planet of more than 7 billion souls from a prison planet to a Paradise -Father God

Awake! Awake! There Are Lightworkers All Around You! 
by Father God through Kathryn
Photo Credit: “March to Arunachala”
Father God:
My Beloved Children, it is a time of revolution and evolution in your galaxy, and you and your planet are at the center of the action.  Much of what you took for granted has been turned on its head in just the last moments.  It may seem to you when the news reports finally hit the mainstream, that all this happened in a flash, but I can tell you it has been hundreds of years in the making, and more.
The process of changing a planet of more than 7 billion souls from a prison planet to a Paradise is a monumentally complex effort in this age of global computer systems, multinational corporations, political and financial dealings that span continents, and a centralized power structure that controlled it all in surreptitious and hidden ways.  Most of the population of the planet is still unaware of the vast influence wielded by those who controlled the food supply, the weather, the energy resources, and every major banking institution on the planet.
It is actually a blessing that not everyone was aware of how completely controlled was their fate.  It would have been crushing to the human spirit to know that nearly every deck was stacked against you, that your destiny was not your own, and that until now you would not have been able to truly reach a state of independence or freedom from the iron fist of the secret dark orders who controlled the planet.  For some, it was better to believe for a time that they could climb the ladder of success to become rich and powerful themselves.  It would have been too depressing for words if everyone had been aware of the true reasons for their unhappiness and their difficulties.
It will be a gradual process of awakening for some of Earth’s children, yet a steady one.  Meanwhile, in the most unexpected places, awareness grows by leaps and bounds, about the issues that affect people’s lives most deeply:  the question of whether food, water and soil should be allowed to be polluted and befouled in the name of profit; the aching question of whether police ever have a right to kill a teenager just because he appears to be behaving wildly, and the deep sadness of knowing that millions of children and animals across the globe are refugees held in hostility and deprivation.
I am not suggesting that you should feel bad about the state of your world now.  I am preparing you for the time when the truth will be revealed to you, and you will be shocked to know how pervasive and deep the connection really was between those who controlled the planet’s wealth and resources and the suffering you have seen and experienced across your planet.  It is not a story we will tell to condemn or punish the perpetrators.  It has gone far beyond that.  There is no punishment that could restore the dignity of entire races, or replace the devastated homelands of those who have been displaced by cynically instigated wars for profit.  No, the revolution will not be fought this time.
You are now making a transition, deep within yourselves.  You are discovering how deeply you care about your family, your own emotional and spiritual growth, and the conditions your children will face as they grow into adults in the new world.  You want to shape that world into something that will allow individuals to flourish and communities to prosper.  You, in your heart of hearts, long to see your fellow humans happy, safe and thriving.
Your Heartfelt Prayers & Actions Have Created the Change
You will have what you have longed for, because your longing, praying and reaching to find ways to make life better for yourself and others has created the solution you thought was impossible.  It is a simple law of the Universe that what you envision and yearn for you create, especially when that yearning focuses on the Greater Good.
You are a tender-hearted lot, Dear Humankind.  Only by torturing you with worry and fear have the dark ones been able to subdue your passionate impulse to reach out to each other in love and compassion.  The wonder is not that they were able to succeed in suppressing your natural desire to be loving.  It is that they had to apply such drastic, relentless and sadistic practices to even slow you down.
You have shown your mettle, Beloved Humankind.  As Mother God and I have increased our Light energy on your planet, you have used it to lift yourselves and your loved ones.  You have been patient when it was the kindest approach, and you have forged ahead whenever you saw an opening.  When two or more of you have gathered in our name, miracles happen.
Look how you have changed in the past few years.  “Paying it forward” has become a mantra, an excuse to devise a joyful prank, and the source of inspiration for others to outdo one another finding the most creative and ingenious ways to amuse and inspire others.  “Flash mobs” of talented musical groups surprise shoppers in malls and town squares with uplifting, celebratory performances, just because it delights everyone involved.  You have changed, Dear Ones.  You no longer hold back out of fear or shyness from offering your heart-felt friendship and compassion when you see an opening or a need.  You leap, and the results create a splash in the community pond that resonates in every heart.
Across your world, spontaneous acts of Love send sparks like great fireworks shooting into the atmosphere around you.  It ignites others, and now where we used to see solitary small bonfires dotted across your world, we witness a Jubilee of Light shining through and all around you.  This is how you have changed your world, one individual action at a time.
We Love to Celebrate With You
You are feeling our increasing Love and Light pouring down on you, are you not?  It is not an impersonal thing, this blessing we are sending you.  We look adoringly on you, moved by your beautiful efforts to be loving and kind, your love for your children, your animals and yourselves.  At this very moment, as Kathryn works with me to create this message, we see little Che’, the powerful Chihuahua healer, pressed now against our Christine to help her transmute the dislodged toxic Earth energies.  We rejoice with his family over the fact that he just finished a healthy dinner, after several weeks of being “off his feed.”
In the same way, we love to see you rejoicing at a celebration dinner where all of you push back your chairs in contentment, joking and laughing together, well fed and glowing with pleasure.  We are with you, glowing when we see you happy.
You were not aware were you, that we love to attend weddings and birthday parties?  We especially like the ones for little toddlers and old people.  Blowing out the candles, or singing songs to celebrate the birthday person thrills us too, because we remember your birth, your contracts and your past lives, and we celebrate all of it with you.  At last we are entering a glorious time on Earth when all humankind will experience the glow of plenty, every day. Starvation, poverty and slavery will quickly become a distant memory, and we are as happy to see this new day dawn as you are.
It is possible for us to speak of these happenings and to see them clearly as present events, because they are.  We see the timeline you are on and know the inevitability of the events we describe because we are living them as completely as we do things that are happening in this now moment or in the “past.”  We have learned not to give you dates and times, because even the most definite timeline can warble in terms of the time required to experience the events.  This has happened several times on the way to this release of Prosperity Events, but the inevitable always comes, just as we experience it here in the timeless dimensions.  We can see the infinitesimal moment between you and a sparkling host of glorious events; you have only to breathe, lift your spirits and your eyes to the skies, and we are there.
Let the Force Be With You
We have asked Archangel Michael, the Editor-in-Chief of this Newsletter, to help Christine gather certain postings from “Dinarland” experts on the ground who have accurate and timely short messages about the progress across the globe in the area of economic reform.  It may seem odd to you that a “spiritual” newsletter would contain political and financial news, but my Dear Children, your Mother God and I are intimately involved in the unfolding of this historic shift that will bring freedom from debt slavery – the heavy chains that money has built for humankind.  It is of utmost importance to us that Saint Germain’s efforts succeed, and that our Boots on the Ground complete the necessary work to form new structures of governance to oversee and protect your new freedoms!
Art: Alex Grey
We encourage you to watch with us in joy as the first news reports of these long-held secrets begin to surface.  The secrecy was absolutely necessary, you see, because it convinced the supposedly secret cabal that they were still in power, while behind the scenes, everything was made ready.  Many of your leaders, including Barack Obama, were well aware of the monumental changes the Light is bringing in during these days; in fact, it was his Mission to keep a steady hand on the rudder, sailing his great ship through stormy seas, carrying the energy of compromise, negotiation and beneath it, Love.
Few have understood the sensitive mission of the leaders of this age.  It was their calling to avoid dangerous controversy and breast-beating antics while building relationships and collaborating with other undercover Lightworkers around the world.  All the while it was in the best interest of peace to appear to make compromises that would contradict their basic agenda, because they knew it would not matter in the end.  They could remain in their positions safely only by speaking a new language – one for the enlightened followers who could see the basic goodness of their character, and one for the enemies who would have sabotaged every effort to build a new world if they really saw what a threat to their power these good people were.  At times, this message came through in both languages in the same sentence. These adept multi-dimensional leaders are good actors, deeply spiritual beings, and Masters in every sense.  Their patience and heartfelt dedication to the greater good will be legendary in ages to come.
Celebrate with us now, Beloved Ones, these heroic leaders who risked everything in the most dangerous age ever to dawn on Earth.  You may not yet know their names and titles, but if you look closely, not at every small action, but at the energy of their character, the twinkle in their eyes, the great love they show for their families and their people, and even at the intense resistance they have engendered in their enemies, you will learn a new way to detect integrity and loving service.
Open your minds, my Dearest Ones, to see the Light in those around you.  I ask you to use the powerful technique our beloved Eoghan (pronounced Owen) gave you in his channeling through his Twin Flame on last week’s radio show, (link).   Here is a true path to discernment, a reliable technique that will show you the truth:  Look at each person as if you were their Twin Flame, the loving higher dimensional Twin Soul who knows the depth of their Being, their character, and the true intentions of their heart.
Many of those on the world stage today (and those behind the scenes) are much more than they seem.  Leave behind the old ways of judging, evaluating, picking at what you see on the surface.  Leave all preconceived notions of ideology, rightness, alignment with formerly understood political, religious and social mores, and feel with your hearts.  You are going to be amazed, I promise you.  There are many ways to find the path to Love – as many as there are beings on Earth.
Be assured that God is everywhere, waiting to be revealed.  You are each discovering your deep connection to us, feeling our Love and our commitment to you.  So it is with everyone around you.  Do not fear the changes in your world, my precious Humankind.  We are with you, we love and protect you in every moment.  You are our hands and our hearts, and we rely on you always to bring forth the brilliance you are capable of.  We trust you.  Look around you.  You will see your brethren awakening just as you are.   You are not alone.
We are One.  Your Mother God and I love you eternally.
I am your Father God.
(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, 18 February 2016)