Building a Future City.Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Ok,so let’s play this game together!

If you had all the money of the world to build a city what would you do?

Here is what i would do and i am going to shift this into feelings by putting in front of it the phrase : Wouldn’t it be nice if…feeling into every outcome.As you read,by the way you feel,you assist the whole planet in creating The perfect Cities that work for each and everyONE.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

1.All Children , All Women and Men live in an environment where All Are Safe and Sound?

2.Where everybody Has Basic Universal Income and can choose to work or do other activities according to what brings each and everyONE true Joy?

3.There is a Holistic Health Care System for free for everyONE on the planet with true knowledge of The Ascension process and use of Celestial Chambers/Medbeds that can rejuvenate anyone from 80 to 20 years if he/she so wish and use non invasive technology for healing anything?

4.There is is Free Energy for all uses available to all the planet?

5.There is amazing mobility that respects Mother Earth?

6.All Life,including Animal and Plant kingdom is valued and respected at all times?

7.There is abundance of whole organic foods and clean water for everyONE on the planet?

8.There is Abundance of Vegan and Raw Vegan Restaurants serving High Vibrational Foods that are truly nutritious for each and everyONE?

9.There is open communication with our Galactic Families,having them landing in our backyard or even being able to travel to other planets?

10.Each and everyone is assisted in their Ascension journey so it firmly grounded on the planet?

11.Every city is covered with much more green areas,green verandas and balconies and greener streets where oxygene is abundant for all?

12.People are celebrating in 100% healthy ways,connected each to their God within?

13.if every job or work that everyONE chooses to do is always assisting The Highest Good For All? For example that every bar in town serves only juices and elixirs that are uplifting and non toxic to body,mind and spirit?

14.if everyONE is liberated in having authentic sacred parternship(s) with self or the lover(s) of his/her choice without judgement by any other?

15.If everyone is free to live in the country and home of their choice to travel freely with open borders anywhere and choose their new dream home as he/she is being guided?within in a beautiful community?to become a future city?to become a Light City??? 😉

16.Where all kind of Arts and new ways of expression and playfulness and FUN truly flourish?

One thing is for sure,there is a higher aspect of my Multidimensional Me that is already living this vision 100% in all its glory and the more i do the work to see and feel myself into this the more it becomes my reality living on New Earth in 5D,6D,7D.

What else would you add to this tapestry of Love and Beauty?

How do you like my Feel More Than Fine City so far?


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